Monday, 7 July 2014

Vaadi Herbals Chandan Kesar Haldi Fairness Face Pack - Review

Hiya everyone, today's post is about a product from a skincare brand I'm trying out for the first time. I had read some good things about Vaadi Herbals range of affordable skincare products but never got around to trying any till the brand kindly sent me a couple of samples. One of them is the Chandan Kesar - Haldi face pack, meant to lighten the skin tone, fight tanning and fade dark spots and blemishes. Extracts of saffron, turmeric, sandal and manjistha are active ingredients and the pack is priced at Rs 90 for 120 gm. 

Vaadi Herbals Chandan Kesar Haldi Fairness Face Pack

I was also provided a leaflet by the brand which has details of all their products and I saw that the pack was earlier available in a tub packaging. They have obviously changed the look and it is now available in a tube which is definitely easier to use and more hygienic. To be fair has never been one of my to-do's in life but to get an even complexion and remove tan is definitely an important one specially in summer. I have been using this pack for around 3 weeks now and it has not made me fair but after every use I definitely see a brighter me in the mirror. The pack has also helped to lighten my tan to a fair degree.

The smell reminds me of the soap Santoor and it must be because of the ingredients. The consistency is quite thick and the pack is of a pale yellow color. I like that the pack spreads evenly on the face and dries out quite fast. I hate packs that take forever to dry! On my skin, there is no uncomfortable sensation when the pack is on and after washing off, I do not feel any dryness and there has not been any breakout till date. I like that my face looks clean and radiant after washing off although that radiant glow does not last for a long time. 

Vaadi Herbals Chandan Kesar - Haldi face pack is a decent and affordable face pack to give your skin instant brightness. Used for a longer period, it does lighten tan but I have not seen fading of dark spots and blemishes or a lighter skin tone yet in these three weeks. The only question I have is that how can they include such expensive ingredients and price it at only Rs 90??

Have you tried any Vaadi Herbals product? Any favorites?

P.S - Product sent by the brand. Honest review as always.

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