Thursday, 19 July 2012

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick Up The Amp - Review, Swatches, Pics

This post I dedicate to the lovely MUA at the Kolkata MAC store who so sweetly and patiently tolerated my childlike behavior at the store last Sunday. Sorry sweetie, I didn't get your name but you were a doll. You patiently showed me nearly 20 lipsticks and glosses, sterilized all of them and stood by me to give me feedback while I wore them all and didn't utter a word when i changed my mind at least 7-8 times on which ones to take. May God bless you and give you even more patience. You will definitely need it when I go visiting next to try the shadows and foundations:))))

Ya so I went kinda crazy at the store during the weekend but what to do? It was the first time in many many months that they had a full stock of all permanent lipsticks and I had to try them right? I was torn between Vegas Volt, So Chaud, Up The Amp and Taupe. After much hemming and hawing, I went for the last two. Taupe I will review later. This post is solely dedicated to Ms Amp.

I have never bought a purple lipstick before simply because I've never really liked one. They were either too light, too vampy or too goth. MAC describes Up The Amp as a lavender violet but it does have a bit of red and pink in it which makes it the perfect purple specially for medium to dark skin tones. It's like a chameleon actually. Looks a dark purple in the tube but on applying, transforms itself to a beautiful lavender/mauve/pink/purple color (That's the best description I could come up with!). A lot of readers around the world have described this as not for the faint hearted but I fail to see what is so daring about this. It's such a pretty color suitable for all skin tones and for all seasons.

Like all amplified finishes, this one is equally rich in pigmentation which means that one swipe is enough for a burst of rich creamy color. It is quite long lasting and stays on my lips for nearly 4-5 hours and survives meals and drinks too. What I love about the amplified finishes is the glossy sheen that they give to the lips and how moisturizing they are. Up The Amp is no different. I usually wear this alone but it will look equally fab, if not more with a suitable liner and gloss. Pairing this with smokey eyes will just take your look to a different level. 

All in all, an extremely unique and and an awesome color. If you have shied away from it, I really recommend you to give this a try. Totally worth Rs 990. 

Here are the pictures. 


  What do you think of Up The Amp? Hot or Not? Do share your feedback below.



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