Thursday, 16 August 2012

Maybelline The Jewels ColorSensational Lipstick Refined Wine - Review and Swatch

By now I'm sure all of you know about the launch of Maybelline's ColorSensational The Jewels Collection. But did you also know that these limited edition lipsticks were launched a year back in the US !!!! Why this step-sisterly treatment to us Indian beauties Maybelline??? We love lipsticks too you know and I'm sure we help you make pretty good profit out of your sales in India. Out of appreciation and love, can you please not take a year to release something new here?? You make us feel so left out!

Ok finished my rant. Now back to the review. If you love deep, rich, bold jewel toned colors, this collection is for you. After I checked out the shades, it was really difficult to make up my mind on which one to take. I wanted to get all of them but settled for Berry Brilliant, a gorgeous deep plum-berry and Refined Wine, an intense dark wine. This post is dedicated to Refined Wine. 

I so wish that Maybelline decides to come out with more colors in this range because I am absolutely loving these lipsticks. Refined Wine is a shade that a lot of you will probably not be attracted to simply because of how dark it looks in the tube. And yes, it's really pigmented so it will look the same on your lips. But if you love deep intense wines and berries like me, do give this a try, specially if you are above NC 42. This will look great on you! This is definitely a color that I will reach out to a lot during fall/winter. 

What's Hot about the shade Refined Wine?

  • The pink packaging is really attractive. Love the reflective pink caps!
  • Formula is quite moisturising. More than the regular ColorSensational Range. It does not dry out my lips at all
  • Very pigmented. One swipe gives a lot of color. Couple more and its Va Va Voom!
  • Lasts for nearly 4-5 hours and leaves a nice stain after fading which stays on for quite sometime
  • Goes on very smooth
  • Has a semi-glossy finish
  • Reasonably priced at Rs 350 for 3.9g

What's Not that Great?

  • The fragrance is too strong. That's the only thing I dislike about the lipstick. 

Overall Verdict

Get this shade if you are into deep, dark wines. Highly recommended!

Have you tried any lipstick from The Jewels range? What's your take on them? Do share in the Comments below.


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