Thursday, 9 May 2013

TREsemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo - Review

Last year when TREsemme joined the Indian beauty market, I was really excited because I had heard so many good things about its range of hair care products. And it did not disappoint me. Tried the Smooth and Shine shampoo and conditioner and my hair absolutely loved them. Have used a lot of shampoos and conditioners over the last eight to nine months, but I've always gone back to the TREsemme ones. A month ago when I read that TREsemme is out with a Keratin Smooth range, I obviously had to try that and placed an order for the shampoo. Unfortunately, the conditioner was sold out at flipkart so had to make do with the shampoo only. I've used it for quite a few days and all set to give you my honest feedback on the product.

However before going ahead let me give you a disclaimer. I have very weird hair! Touch wood, there aren't any problems, and I have a normal-dry hair type but my tresses are extremely moody as well as choosy. I've tried out products that everyone has raved about and my hair just didn't like them. Case in point, TBS and L'oreal salon shampoos! A lot of people don't like Dove but that suits me just fine! So this review is totally based on my experience and might not be applicable to your hair type.

The Keratin Smooth Shampoo is supposed to get rid of frizz and give smooth and straight hair. Let me start of the review by saying that no it does not give straight hair. If you are thinking that on applying the shampoo, your tresses will magically turn straight and you do not need to use an iron, ditch that thought. Also, the shampoo is loaded with chemicals so not a very good option if you use only natural products. Even though they mention 'lower sulfate formula'.

The shampoo bottle looks quite attractive and I like the red background which gives it a very professional salon hair care range kinda look. The bottle has the usual flip top cap and is ok for travelling. The consistency of the shampoo is pretty thick, more than the Smooth and Shine and you only need a little bit of the product to work up a good lather. I like the smell and thankfully it stays on for quite some time.

The first day I used the shampoo, I was impressed by how smooth and soft my hair felt. Probably, my hair reacted to the change after months of  the same product. But now that I've been using it for sometime, I can say the Keratin Smooth shampoo does not really suit me that much. I won't trash it but I will not repurchase this either. Because of how thick it is and because of all the chemicals, my hair feels weighed down and obviously that's not something I like. Unless I use a conditioner, I don't see any reduction in frizz nor do I feel any smoothness. On its own. the shampoo does not work for me. Not even going into the promise of giving straighter hair coz I sure did not see any result. Wish they didn't use that line. Also, I don't think this will work well on those with oily hair. It's way too thick and will only make oily hair more greasy.

The Keratin Smooth shampoo is priced at Rs 160 for 225 ml so its definitely very reasonable. Like I said earlier, I wont trash it but I wo'nt go ga ga over it either. My hair much prefers Smooth and Shine and I'm going back to that. I had expected a lot out of the Keratin range but after this experience, not venturing into that territory anymore! Smooth and Shine zindabad!

Have you tried any product from the Keratin range?

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