Saturday, 22 September 2012

Inglot Lipstick No 226 - Review & Swatches

I'm sure all of you who follow my blog regularly by now know about my love for lipsticks in bright and bold colors. Neutrals/nudes are something that I never get attracted to coz I find them so boring and I don't even look good in them. I have only about 2-3 nudes in my entire lipstick collection and out of them, my favorite and the one I reach out to the most when I feel like going light is what I'm showcasing today. Inglot Lipstick no 226, a pretty pinky nude color. 

I absolutely love the packaging of the Inglot lipsticks. The glossy tube looks really chic and the bullet has a sturdy base which does not wobble while applying the lipstick. What I don't like is the treatment meted out by Inglot to their lipsticks. Cmon , these babies deserve much more than a number right? Don't tell me you are so unimaginative and boring that you can't even come up with fun names?? Anyway since you haven't, Ill just go ahead and christen this baby Nude Velvet!! (coz its a nude and it glides on the lips just like velvet ...Lol)

The smell of Inglot lipsticks are too overpowering and it really hits the senses once you open the tube. Inglot could very well do with some toning down of the fruity smell. The texture is creamy and rich and is very well pigmented. This is a nude so you won't really get a rich burst of color on your lips but one swipe is pretty good to get the actual color. I love the formula of the Inglot lipsticks. They are moisturising so not a problem for dry lips and the finish is glossy so the lips look quite luscious.

In terms of staying power, 226 stays for about 3 hours on my lips without feathering or bleeding. The color is a pretty pinky nude with a hint of frost. I'm not a fan of frost finishes at all but thankfully on the lips, the frost is visible only barely. This is a color that will go with most complexions and will look absolutely smashing when paired with a smokey eye. When the MUA suggested this to me, I was worried that it might wash me out but it doesn't and in fact looks very natural and pretty. However, if you are above NC 45, there is a chance that it might be too light for you so do test before buying. For those below NC 45, its a perfect nude if you are looking for one. 

In Bright Sunlight
What's Hot About 226?
  • Attractive packaging
  • Soft, creamy texture
  • Glossy Finish
  • Good staying power
  • Good value for money
  • Color that's suitable for most complexions

Whats Cold About 226? 

  • Smell is too strong
  • Might wash out complexions above NC 45

Overall Verdict

I love Inglot lipsticks because of their texture, pigmentation and finish and this is one of my favorite nudes. Highly Recommended from me!

Rs 550, 4.5 gm. Available at all Inglot stores and

Are you a nude or a bright lipstick color? Which ones are your favorites in them? Share your comments below.

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