Friday, 21 September 2012

My Kryolan Haul

Yessss atlast I've laid my hands on Kryolan! For the past couple of months, I've been seeing so much of Kryolan on other blogs that I was desperate to lay my hands on at least a few of the products. The only problem - neither is Kryolan available in Kolkata nor is it available online. 

Now, the one thing that I've been very fortunate to have made through blogging is a number of very good friends and I'm sure that's the case with all you bloggers. Its so strange that we've never met and will probably never do so yet speak to one another and interact everyday through our blogs. Feels like I've known all of you for ages! This time as well, a friend who I met through blogging, Veda a.ka. Kofykat of came to my rescue through Twitter (Yes, I've really been making very good use of Fb and Twitter :))). Now I had absolutely no idea of the shades available or even the range of products. I requested Veda to get the paint stick, a powder and some blushes, told her my choice of colors and MAC foundation shade and that's it. She actually picked out the shades on her own and boy do I love them! I would have picked up the exact same colors! Thanks sooo much Veda. You rock!

Here is a list of what I got:

1. The iconic TV paint stick in FS 40
2. Translucent Powder in TL 12
3. Kajal pencils in Nude and Dark Brown
4. Blushes in Youth Red and 080

Reviews will follow soon (Gosh I have so much stuff pending for review!). Meanwhile, take a look at the shades. 

I really hate the packaging! Why cant they improve on how the products look???

Youth Red to the left and 080 to the right

Have you tried any of these products? Which one is your favorite? Do share your thoughts

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