Friday, 17 August 2012

Fabindia Rose Geranium Face and Body Gel Scrub Review

One of my favorite brands for skincare products is Fabindia. Till date, I have used their Vit E moisturiser, night cream, under eye gel, tea tree face wash and toner, gel scrub and protein shampoo and I'm extremely impressed by the quality, which can be matched to that of any high-end brand. 

I picked up the Rose Geranium face and body gel scrub after hearing one of my friends rave about it. Since I have combination skin as well, decided to get one for myself.

The major ingredients of the scrub are Walnut granules, Rose Petals (yes, you can see them inside the tub), Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Vit E extract and Geranium oil. I had never heard of Geranium oil before so looked up the net for some information and found out that it has a lot of benefits:
  • Helps balance both dry or oily skin by regulating sebum production. This is a wonderful oil for combination skin.
  • It acts as a natural astringent, causing skin tissue to contract resulting in firmer younger looking skin.
  • It promotes skin cell regeneration, improves elasticity and circulation to the surface of skin making it ideal for anti aging treatments. Skin appears more radiant and youthful.
  • It naturally cleanses and has antibacterial properties that aid in healing which can be of great benefit if you suffer from eczema or acne prone skin. 

The rose petals inside

Direction for use is the same as any gel scrub. You apply a scoop of the scrub to wet skin and gently massage on your face and body in circular motion, focusing on rough skin areas. The walnut granules are really mild and the gel has medium consistency - not too thick, not too runny. 

I love this scrub for four main reasons - the luxurious rose fragrance, the fact that it does not dry out my skin,  for my squeaky clean fresh soft face after using this and that there were no breakouts. I have normal to combination skin so this scrub works very well for me but if you have really dry skin, do check out the tester first. 

What I didn't love was the fact that it did not remove blackheads. Had expected some results there. I also think its too mild to be used as a body scrub. For the face, it's just perfect to be even used everyday!

The Rose Geranium Face and Body Gel scrub is priced at Rs 225 for 100 ml and is available at all Fabindia stores and online as well. 

Have you tried any of these gel scrubs from Fabindia?

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