Sunday, 19 August 2012

Maybelline Colorama Yellow Nails of The Day

If you are sad and depressed and you go shopping, how many of you pick up the brightest and the cheeriest of colors that you come across in the counters? Well I very much do that and it was during one such retail therapy day that I got Maybelline Colorama's Amarelo Sol (I know it sounds exotic but in Spanish, Amarelo Sol means Yellow Sun! Boring huh?), a bright chirpy yellow nail polish.

I like the Maybelline Colorama range of polishes because they are very reasonably priced (Rs 90) and have a large variety of shades. Not too impressed with Amarelo Sol though. Takes about 3-4 coats to go opaque, tends to streak, is pretty thick and chips very easily. Even though the color is bright and pretty, not getting this one again. 

Take a look at how it looks on me...

I'm now on the lookout for a pastel yellow shade. Any recommendation pretties? 
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