Monday, 23 July 2012

Want To Contour Your Face Like a Pro? Learn From a Pro!

I am a big makeup enthusiast but something that I've never been able to do very well is contour my face. My knowledge in this department is pretty basic and I've always wanted to know the right technique of highlighting and contouring to make my face look thinner and much more defined. I'm sure you remember Gwen from Makeup Toys, who shared a few of her favorite things with us last week? Gwen is a professional makeup artist in Singapore and someone who is very good at what she does. Well, I asked her for help and she being a sweetheart, agreed to share her knowledge on contouring, shading and highlighting with us. The below article has been written by Gwen. 

Ever wondered why celebrities and models always look picture perfect from all angles?
That is because they use a lot of highlighting and shading to enhance their face shape and features. With proper contouring, we can bring out the perfect oval shaped face, deep set eyes, sharp nose, high cheek bone and conceal those dark circles!
When I was learning makeup, I remember how happy I was to learn how to achieve a sharper nose and make my square face look more oval! There are many ways to contour your face. I’m going to share with you the technique I have learnt and some tips. Hopefully the next time you take a picture, you can look good from all angles!
Here we go!
Face Map For Highlight and Contour
This picture indicates the area on the face that is meant for highlighting and shading. The shaded area indicates the area for shading (darker foundation) while the remaining area is for highlighting. This is just a guide line. I recommend that you try this out and eventually adjust it so you feel comfortable with the finished look.

The general rule here is “Highlight what you wish to show, shade what you wish to hide.”

When contouring, it is natural that when we apply a darker foundation over the areas indicated, the normal foundation that we have will appear lighter in shade. Thus, the lighter shade area is being naturally highlighted and the darker shade area shaded.
Step 1
  • Cleanse and prep skin with a primer/makeup base.
  • Allow 2 to 3 minutes for the primer to settle onto the face. If necessary, you can blot off any excess with some tissue paper.
Step 2
  • Apply your normal foundation shade onto your whole face. Remember to blend it well.
  • Following the face map above, apply your darker foundation accordingly and and start blending with your buffing brush.
  • The darker foundation should be at least 2 to 3 shades darker than your normal foundation and they must have the same base tone. I recommend buying foundations of the same brand and same texture. In that way, you will be sure they are really at least 2 to 3 shades apart and have the same base tone.
  • When I’m using liquid foundations, I use my buffing brush or stippling brush to blend the foundation
  • If you are using creme foundations, the best way to apply and blend is to use a sponge. Some creme foundations require you to wet the sponge a little before any application. Make sure you check with the beauty advisers before you make your purchase.
Step 3
  • If the weather is humid or you have oily skin, you might wish to have a more matte finish. Apply the contouring powder onto your face, still following the face map. You can use a Non Shimmer bronzer or a darker shade loose powder. If you prefer a more natural finish, you can skip the powder.
Step 4
Set your foundation with loose powder lightly and proceed with the rest of your makeup.
These 4 steps will allow you to contour your face for daily makeup purposes. For bridal, the application is slightly thicker and a little more obvious so the brides look beautiful in photos.
Thanks Gwen for this article. You don't know what a big help you have been to me and I'm sure to my readers as well. My face will now look thin..yayy ...Love you :))

How do you contour your face? Did you learn anything new from this post? Do share in the Comments below. 

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