Saturday, 15 September 2012

MAC Girl About Town & Impassioned Lip Glass - Review & Swatch

Ever since I saw the pictures of the MAC Girl About Town and Impassioned Lipglass in Temptalia, I was a possessed woman! I just had to have these colors no matter what! That was way back in April and since that time, I was practically hounding the MUAs on reserving these two for me whenever the collection is launched in Kolkata. Imagine my disappointment when one of them calls up and says "Sorry we just received one lip glass each of these two shades and they were picked up by a lady the first day itself". Let me not even get into the words that were swirling around in my brain while on the phone with her but you can guess right?? :)) Who sends only one piece of the two most popular shades of lip glass to a store!!! and that too Limited Editions!! 

Anyway, since that door closed on me, I started thinking of ways to get these two beauties and on an impulse wrote on my Facebook page if anyone in Mumbai or Delhi would be kind enough to buy these and send them to me. Like a dame (that's the female equivalent of a knight. I searched google :P) in shining armor, in came Preetha Karthik. Despite the rains in Mumbai and being down with fever, she still took the trouble of going to the MAC store and picking them up for me. I really really appreciate it Preetha..Thanks a ton :))

Finally I laid my hands on them last week and here are my thoughts on these two pretties. Were they worth all the trouble? 

Packaging - The lip glass comes in a hard plastic tube with the standard doe foot applicator wand inside. The tube contains 4.8 gm of the product. Both lip glasses have the typical MAC vanilla smell and priced at Rs 990 each. 

Impassioned Lip Glass - A warm bright pink-red with a glossy finish. This has no shimmer in it and goes on evenly and very opaque. I don't have the Impassioned lipstick but have swatched it a couple of times. The lip glass is less brighter than the lipstick which makes it wearable for those who find the lipstick too loud. The lip glass formula is typically very sticky and have a thick goopy consistency so that might be a problem for those who hate sticky glosses. I fall in that category myself but for these gorgeous colors, I can overlook that pet peeve of mine :)). On me, the Impassioned lip glass lasts for about 2 hours but that's coz I lick my lips if I'm wearing gloss. I've read other bloggers say that this stays on for about 4 hrs on their lips and leaves a soft, glossy pink stain after fading. 

The color is absolutely gorgeous and will suit all skin tones so if you are fond of fun, bright color glosses, get Impassioned. Unfortunately it's a Limited Edition so might not be available now but if MAC ever repromotes this, grab it!

Girl About Town Lip Glass - A bright fuchsia with silver micro-shimmer, unlike the lipstick. This lip glass is brighter than Impassioned and is a very close match of the lipstick. I don't have the GAT lipstick either but remember from all the swatching that I've done in the store. I love how smooth and opaque this one goes on the lips. Just one layer and there's a burst of fuchsia on the lips. The stickiness is a problem in this lip glass as well but thankfully this formula is not drying. The wear time on me is the same as Impassioned. Again, this is a Limited Edition so not sure if it is still available, but get it if you can. Its simply gorgeous!

Here are the swatches. GAT on the left and Impassioned on the right 

I am absolutely in love with these two lip glasses. So wish these are introduced as part of the permanent line. Gotta use them like a scrooge now! Don't want to finish them off soon. 

What do you think of the shades? 
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