Wednesday, 26 September 2012

MAC Fluidline Waveline - Review and Swatch

Till about a year ago, I used to swear by my eyeliner pencils thinking that gel liners would be just too cumbersome and messy to deal with. Then one day MAC's Blacktrack made an appearance in my life in the form of a gift and after using it, I've become hooked to this formula. It's definitely one of the best gel liners that's available in the market now. Later, I went on to purchase Waveline and that's what I'm gonna be showcasing today.

MAC describes this shade as 'Navy blue with low level gold pearl'. I have absolutely no idea what low level gold pearl means, but I find a lot more purple in this than navy blue. The amalgamation of both purple and navy blue has given birth to an absolutely gorgeous shade!

All Fluidlines come in a thick, short and stubby glass container with a dome shaped screw top lid. Would have been great if MAC included a brush along with the container but it hasn't so you will need to buy one to use this. 

I've already mentioned that I find this shade to be a lot more purple than navy blue. In terms of finish, it looks really glossy in the tub but once applied on to the lids, goes completely matte after settling down. The pigmentation is pretty good as well. I haven't really tried out the other shades but this one gives a dense color after about two swipes which is decent. As for the staying power, this just goes on and on. The max that I've tested is for 12 hrs and it didn't smudge, crease or fade even a teeny tiny bit! 

One of the major problems with gel liners is that they dry up very fast. I've been using both Blacktrack and Waveline for about a year now and it's still as fresh as the day I bought them. 

This is one shade that will look lovely on everyone so do give it a try if you are fond of deep, intense colors. In a nutshell, I absolutely love Waveline and recommend it because of the following:
  • Creamy, soft texture that glides on the lids
  • Lasts really long without smudging, creasing or fading
  • Waterline safe and does not irritate the eyes
  • Great color for all skintones
  • Packaging is sleek and travel friendly
  • Good pigmentation

What's not too great is the price (Rs 1000 for 3gms. Not sure if the prices have increased now though) but then what to do. It's a MAC!

Here is the swatch. 

Have you tried any of the Fluidlines? Which one is your favorite?

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