Monday, 17 September 2012

My 5 Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus

Before I started blogging, one of my daily rituals before hitting the sack was to browse through YouTube and watch videos uploaded by beauty gurus. I don't even remember the number of channels that I've subscribed to and the number of videos that I've bookmarked over the years. Nowadays, I don't really get the time to watch all those wonderful channels but there are a few that I visit regularly. In this post, I'll share with you, my top 5 YouTube beauty gurus and why I think you should watch them too (if not already).

This list primarily includes those who actually started off as vloggers and became famous after their videos made it big. 

1. Michelle Phan 

She's the first woman to reach 1 million subscribers in Youtube and is nothing short of a phenomenon. What I love about her videos is that she makes her tutorials look so effortless. Her techniques are really simple and easy to follow, the DIY's and the various tips and tricks of the trade are so innovative and they really work. Apart from being a beauty vlogger, she is also quite the fashionista as well, throwing in helpful styling tips on how to dress well and look good.

2. Marlena of MakeupGeek TV

She pulls makeup inspiration from anything and everything, from the red carpet to her favorite cocktail. Her tutorials are very simple and like Michelle, easy to follow. She is also an inspiration to all us curvy women. Do you know that she actually lost 115 pounds!! Not that it has anything to do with her knowledge about makeup, but that's pretty awesome to me. Apart from being a beauty vlogger, Marlena is also a successful entrepreneur and she sells makeup under the brand Makeupgeek. And they ship wordlwide!

3. Kandee Johnson

This lady's enthusiasm is infectious! She is a makeup artist with years of experience and that shows in her tutorials. If you want to watch someone who is fun, has a good attitude and plenty of personality, then Kandee is your girl. 

4. Promise Phan

This girl is nothing short of a chameleon! Just give her a name and she is able to transform herself to that person or character through makeup. From celebrities, to Disney princesses, to vampires to even the Monalisa, she has done them all! Her videos are so much fun to watch. One super talented woman!

5. Miss Jessica Harlow

This lady has got to be the sweetest of them all. I love her because her videos are easy to follow and they leave me feeling very glamorous. She creates super eye makeup looks and makes it look effortless. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she layers upbeat music over her videos either!

These were some of my favorites. Who are yours? Do share in the Comments section below.

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