Friday, 7 September 2012

TRESemme Smooth & Shine Shampoo - Review

The one thing that I'm constantly on the lookout for is a good shampoo and conditioner to please my very stubborn and hard to please stresses. I love her no doubt but my god she can get very very difficult at times! I'll buy the shampoo that everyone raves about. She will just try it once, turn up her nose and reject it. I can't even remember the number of brands that I've tried over the years to please her - drugstore, high-end, herbal, ayurvedic..most of them didn't work. Thankfully she took a liking to Dove and that has been the only brand that I've been using for the past one year or so. 

When I was looking around, my eyes rested on TRESSemme and my heart skipped a beat. When I looked at the prices, my heart skipped a second beat and I thought why not give it a try? Maybe miss high and mighty (referring to my hair here) might actually take a fancy to this brand? Made up my mind and ordered the Smooth and Shine Shampoo and conditioner. Will review the conditioner in a separate post. This one is only for the shampoo. 

What is TRESemme?

TRESemm√© started out in salons as a professional haircare range used exclusively by top hairdressers.  And now it’s available for everyone in India as well! What is wonderful about this brand is the pocket friendly prices. Medplusbeauty is currently stocking them and I bought the shampoo for Rs 128.00 (225 ml)

What does TRESemme say about this shampoo?

With Vit H and silk protein, intensely moisturizes dry, rough hair. For hair that feels soft and smooth. 

Did my Hair Love or Reject the Shampoo?

She absolutely loved it! I've been using the shampoo for a couple of days now and loving the effect on my hair. 

What am I loving?

  • The sturdy travel friendly packaging
  • The smell of the shampoo. It's a lovely fruity fragrance which is long lasting (at least 2 days)
  • The medium consistency. Not too thick, not too runny
  • Makes my hair soft, smooth and shiny that too on its own without a conditioner
  • No hair fall either during shampooing or after
  • Even though it's not mentioned as a volumising/thickening shampoo, there is definitely some volumising action on my hair. Love that my hair does not get limp or greasy the day after I shampoo. 
  • I get a lot of product at a reasonable price.

My Verdict

If you have dry and rough hair and looking for a shampoo to give you soft, shiny, healthy hair, do give this one a try. I honestly could not come up with any cons of the product. Absolutely loving it! Thank you TRESemme for coming to India! 

Have you tried any of TRESemme's shampoos? 

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