Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hair Care Rules and How Bad is it To Break Them?

Last weekend I had gone to the salon to get a hair spa done.The stylist who was working on my hair asked me how many times I shampoo in a week? I replied that I shampoo every day, else my hair becomes limp and I hate that. She looked alarmed and told me no no don't do that. You are stripping your hair of all natural oils and only making it drier and rougher. Just shampoo every alternate day. 

Now I had read somewhere that its perfectly fine to wash hair everyday, there is no damage. Got confused on what to follow therefore turned to my trusted google to give me some information on hair care rules. I looked up the most common hair rules that we have been subjected to for ages and whether they hold any value or not. The below post is a compilation of the information that I found on the net. I'm no stylist or trichologist but think that they make a lot of sense.

Wash your hair everyday? - In one of the articles I read, Emmy award winning stylist, Curt Darling compares over washing hair to over washing a favorite piece of clothing; if you were to wash your favorite shirt every day, it would fade and become threadbare. "The fabric of your hair is the same in that it gets worked out and dry from over cleansing," he says. The tone of your hair can also fade, causing your strands to look dull and drab.
Bottom Line: Horrible

Not get Regular Haircuts? Most stylists recommend getting a haircut after every six weeks to keep hair healthy and free of split ends. Besides  "A great haircut is the foundation of everyday style," Darling says. Cuts can usually last about six weeks, but it depends on the style and texture of hair, along with other influences. If hair is subjected to chemical treatments and heat pretty often, it's important to trim the ends regularly. If not, a gap of 8-9 weeks is good enough. 
Bottom Line: Pretty Bad

Use hot tools (like blow-dryers and straighteners) every day? Like washing hair too often, using hot tools on hair will wear it out and drastically drain its moisture. If you absolutely can't let go of the hot tools, just use them every alternate day to prevent waking up to "jharu hair" At least you are cutting down your need to use hot tools in half. 
Bottom Line: Terrible

Color your hair? It may seem like the worst possible thing to do your hair, but Darling maintains that hair color isn't the monster it's made out to be. "When hair is colored by a highly skilled stylist, great results can be had with minimal damage to the hair," he says. Make sure that the color is done by a professional and that you use the right products afterwards to properly care for your locks. 
Bottom Line: Not too bad

I'm definitely not shampooing every day now. What about you? Any hair care rules you are guilty of breaking? 

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