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The Body Shop Moringa Beautifying Oil - Review

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Remember that Mirinda ad where everyone used to go Mirindaaaaaaaaa after drinking it?......Well, If The Body Shop features me in their ad for the Moringa Beautifying Oil, that's how I'll be saying it too...Moringaaaaaaaaaa.

These beautifying oils have generated a lot of interest since the ads came out a week back and I wanted to check for myself whether they would be any good. I had my heart set out on Chocomania and Coconut but Chocomania was not available and Coconut smelled too much like our very own Parachute coconut oil so I picked up Moringa. 

At TBS Store

According to TBS, these are cold pressed dry oils made from Kukui nut oil, Sweet almond oil and Community Fair Trade marula nut oil that can be used on the face, body and hair to moisturize, smooth and illuminate. They are available in 11 different fragrances to complement the body butters (although I didn't really see 11 of them in the store. Think I saw about 6) so there is definitely one for everyone! I was a bit apprehensive of trying on an oil on my face and body during this weather but the results have left me pleasantly surprised. Let's see why.

Packaging - Its very basic and simple yet quite cute. The oil is dispensed through a very small nozzle which allows you to control how much you want and believe me you do not need a lot of this. 

The cute bottle

Fragrance - I've always loved how the Moringa Body Butter smelled and the oil did not disappoint me. It's quite subtle and not overpowering at all. The Body Butter is actually stronger than this. What I don't like however is the staying power of the fragrance when I use it on my body. It lasts for about 2-3 hours after which it wears off. On my hair, it lasts for about 3-4 hours. 

On my hair - The first time I tried this on my hair, I made the mistake of applying too much and it made my hair greasy. Next time, I was more careful and applied only a teeny tiny bit. I have tried this in all sort of ways. I have used it on dry hair and it made my hair really smooth and glossy. I've scrunched up my damp hair and applied it like a serum and it made my hair super soft.You just have to make sure that you do not apply a lot. I have dry hair so this has worked really well for me. 

On my body - The only gripe I have is that the smell does not last for long. Other than that, I love the effect on my skin. Its really lightweight and absorbs quickly. It’s also a lot quicker to use the beautifying oil rather than lotion if you’re in a rush since oil just sort of distributes itself much more smoothly. And the best part is the very subtle glow that my skin gives off after applying the oil.

Its really light

And absorbs super fast

On my face - This I was the most apprehensive about. Even though I have normal skin, it is susceptible to breakouts and specially in this weather, I wasn't really sure how it would react. Well, when TBS says its a dry oil, believe me they mean dry!. Ive been applying this to my face for a couple of days now and absolutely loving the results. I'm actually using this as a substitute for my moisturizer and it's doing an excellent job. It absorbs into the skin really fast without leaving behind any greasy residue and its really really hydrating. A tiny bit on a slightly damp face and I'm sorted for the day. And believe me this really illuminates!!! It leaves behind a very subtle sheen which lasts throughout the day. Kinda like what a highlighter does! For those with oily skin, you might want to start off by testing the product on a small area of your face to see how it reacts before applying full on.

All in all, a great product from the TBS stable and I greatly recommend these oils specially to those with normal to dry skin.You will love the results!

What I don't like is the quantity and the price. I was expecting a much bigger bottle than the100 ml specially at Rs 895. But the good thing is that you need such a small amount that the bottle will last for quite sometime.

So TBS Beautifying Oils or TBS Body Butters? Hmmmm tough choice really because both are so good. But since I have to make one, I'll go for the oils in summer and the body butters during the cooler months. Don't think the oils will be that effective during the winters. 

Will I repurchase? Absolutely. I'm patiently waiting for the store to bring Chocomania and Cocoa Butter :)

To finish off the review, my rating for TBS Beautifying oil in Moringa on a scale of 1-5 ? A 4.5! (Taking away .5 coz of the price and quantity) 

Hope you liked the review. Do comment and let me know if you have given these oils a try. Waiting to hear from you:)

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