Saturday, 7 July 2012

MAC Flamingo Limited Edition Lustre Lipstick - Review, Swatch, Pics

Flamingo is a Limited Edition MAC Lipstick and was released a couple of months back as part of the Iris Apfel collection along with Morange, Party Parrot, Pink Pigeon and Scarlet Ibis.

The first time I took a look at Flamingo, I was hooked!. Ooohh such a pretty muted pinky coral shade! The moment the Iris Apfel collection launched in Kolkata, I called up the store to ask them to keep aside Party Parrot and Flamingo for me. Did not even bother to test them on my lips. I had seen the pictures on the MAC website and on Temptalia and that was enough for me. Well, Party Parrot turned out to be super hot on my lips but Flamingo...Oh my darling, you so wash me out :((((... In spite of being the prettiest color in my lipstick kitty, I can hardly wear this on its own. 

In the tube, Flamingo looks a lot more pigmented than it actually is. When I apply it to my lips, it goes across pretty sheer and the color is hardly visible. At first, all that is visible is a pinkish white streak. Thankfully, the color settles down after a while and a hint of it comes through but its really not enough on my pigmented lips. As with the lustres, Flamingo also has a glossy finish, is deeply moisturizing and gives about 2-3 hours of wear. It has the same trademark vanilla smell of all MAC lipsticks and the packaging is as sleek as ever. 


 There is really nothing that I don't like about Flamingo. The color is beautiful, the texture, finish, everything is great. Just that on its own, its not for me or for that matter any girl with dark skin tone and pigmented lips.We will need to put in a lot of effort to make this work. I first apply a base of nude lip liner and then put Flamingo on top to get a nice nude pink color. For dark pink or coral lips, I apply a darker shade of lip liner or a matte lipstick as base. 

Flamingo is a Limited Edition so you won't really get it anywhere now (Dunno if its available on ebay but you will probably have to pay a bomb!) but if it releases later as part of some other collection, do get it if you have a light skin tone. You will so rock this shade!

So what do you think of Flamingo? Hot or Not? Do comment and share your thoughts.



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