Monday, 6 August 2012

Sleek Makeup Blush in Flamingo - Review and Swatches

In terms of lip color, I love to experiment. Neon pink, blood red, bright coral, intense orange.. I've tried them all and absolutely love these colors on me. In terms of blushes, I was a big bore till sometime back sticking only to neutrals. No experimentation whatsoever. But then I started reading all the wonderful blogs and the pictures and swatches of the beautiful blushes enticed me no end. I finally picked up the courage to buy MAC's Peaches and Desert Rose (yes, 5 months back they were a big step for me!). I loved these colors and then got bolder and thought of getting something radically different from what I would usually wear.  My blush of choice? Sleek's Flamingo!

This is my first Sleek blush and I'm really impressed by how pigmented and silky smooth these are. Flamingo looks scary in the pan coz its such a bright pink and since its so pigmented, one will need to be careful with the application. A tiny bit goes a long way but once its well blended, gives a beautiful flush to the cheeks. The only con is that it does not last for long. A blush that is so pigmented ought to stay on for at least 4-5 hrs but this does not last for more than 3 hours on me. 

In a nutshell, here is my take on Flamingo.

1. Packaging - Very chic and sleek and I love that they have a mirror included. Very very helpful!

 2. Color - Beautiful bright matte pink that will go with all skin tones. Medium to Dark skin tones will absolutely rock this color. 

3. Pigmentation - Very pigmented. You only need a tiny amount to create those rosy cheeks. Have to be careful though. A little bit more and you will end up looking like a clown! A stippling brush is ideal for this. 

Swatched 3 times on the left. Blended on the right

Swatched on the left and Blended on the right
4. Texture - Quite soft and smooth. There is a bit of fall out during application but I can live with that.

5.  Staying Power - Not too happy with the staying power. Does not last on me for more than 3 hours. 

6. Availability - You can order this from the Sleek website for $5.99 and they do have International delivery. The charge is $7.50. 

Will I Recommend This? 

I really like the quality of this blush and the color. I love that its a true matte and there is not even a speckle of shimmer in it. If you are looking for a bright pink matte blush, then do give Flamingo a try. You will love the healthy flush on your face. 

What do you think of Flamingo? Would a bright color scare you and excite you? Do share in the Comments below. 

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