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Thalgo Brightening Range of Skincare Products - Mini Reviews

I seem to have got myself a new obsession - skincare products! For many years, skincare used to be pretty low on my priority list. When shopping, I always went for makeup first, then hair products and last of all skincare. Not that makeup is no longer a priority but skincare has jumped up the ladder too. Have realized that I'm not getting any younger so need to pamper my skin and make it my best friend. Also helps that I've got product samples from some amazing brands to try out. In this post, I'll talk about a French brand - Thalgo that I'm using for the first time. I'll actually need two posts to review the products because there are quite a few of them. Today, I'll talk about the brightening range meant for sun damaged/pigmented skin. I do have mild pigmentation problems on my cheeks and around my mouth so was really eager to try out this range and find out if it works. The reviews are based on my experience using samples but I've got quite a number of them (more than what's in the pic below) so can judge pretty well. 

About Thalgo - 

Thalgo makes the most of the extraordinary potential of the sea to develop its Home-care (Retail) products and Professional treatments by combining the properties of algae, seaweeds, minerals, sea salts, vitamins and of all the goodness of pure sea water. The wide-range of exceptional facial treatments helps you to overcome all types of skin concerns like purification, dehydration, anti-pollution and anti-ageing. The equally varied body treatments will aid you in detoxification, relaxation, cellulite-reduction, slimming and firming in the most effective way. Thalgo Cosmetics, France the true innovator in the world of Marine Beauty!
Thalgo products are FREE from Parabens, Propylene glycol, Mineral Oil, Silicone, Artificial colouring, GMO and FREE from ingredients of Animal Origin (except beeswax).

The Products - I have mentioned the products in the order that they need to be used. 

1. Unizones Clearing Corrector - An ultra-concentrated brightening corrector Helps specifically reduce size & intensity of each pigmentation mark Slows down production & migration of melanins Skin appears clearer & evenly-toned.

This is the first product to be used in the skin brightening regime. The Clearing Corrector is a concentrated corrector to be applied directly on pigmentation spots. This is a liquid that gets absorbed into the skin very fast. I have been using the corrector along with the products so don't really know whether this alone is effective but I can see a difference in my skin. It looks a lot more radiant and supple. Rs. 2350 for 30 ml

2. Brightening Regulating Essence - 

A brightening & regulating essence Formulated with Red Algae to restrain photo-induced pigmentation Contains Liquorice Flower Extract to lessen existing discolorations Loaded with Salicylic Acid to minimize the appearance of pore size Reduces shine for a matte finish Unveils a clearer & more evenly-toned complexion Free of paraben, mineral oil & propylene glycol

After the corrector, the essence needs to be applied  It is meant to prep the skin and is to be followed by the application of the Smoothing Brightening Fluid. The texture of the essence is really light and watery maybe because glycerin is an active ingredient. This product is good for combination-oily skin type as it goes on to a matte finish. I like that the skin looks 'alive' after using this. If you have combination to oily skin and looking for a brightening serum, this is not a bad choice. Rs. 3700 for 30 ml

3. Smoothing Brightening Fluid - 

This lightweight brightening fluid helps your skin regulate melanogenesis and boost the production of youth proteins. Your complexion looks more luminous, with an impeccable matte finish. Your skin is more supple, plumped up, and visibly younger-looking.

The next step is the application of either the smoothing brightening fluid or the melt-in smoothing brightening cream, depending on your skin type. I tested both and went for the fluid because it was much lighter and easier on the skin.  The fluid is for those with combination and oily skin as it gives off a matte finish. I was actually expecting a watery liquid looking at the name fluid but it's got the texture of a light skin lotion. I have been using the fluid during the day and I like that it keeps my skin hydrated for a very long time. Would have liked it to have SPF but it does not so I do need to apply sunscreen on top of this. Apart from using the fluid in combination with the other products, I have also used it on its own and I like the effect. My skin feels moisturized, soft and radiant. Rs. 3300 for 50 ml

4. Melt-in Smoothing Brightening Cream - 

This brightening cream helps prevent the appearance of pigmentation marks and stimulate the production of youth proteins. Its texture is ideal for use in the evening or during cold spells. Your face recovers its full luminosity and youthful appearance.

This is a product that will suit those with dry skin. The cream is quite thick and smells rather weird. Very medicine type unfortunately. Provides good hydration and moisturisation though. Because of how rich it is, I prefer to use the brightening fluid in place of the cream so cant really comment on whether it works or not. But if it does the same thing as the fluid, it should definitely. Rs. 3850 for 50 ml

I have been using the above products for nearly 2 weeks now and liking the effect on my skin. The brightening range is helping my skin to 'glow' and I've been getting a lot of compliments. Post summer, my skin darkens and looks very dull. The range is helping the skin rejuvenate and also lighten up. Touch Wood! Regarding reduction in pigmentation, I've seen the area around my mouth get more even but there's still a lot of work left to do on the cheeks. I'm hoping that the products will help reduce the major pigmentation there. 

Thalgo products works well on the skin but they are super expensive. You only need a tiny bit so will last for a long time but still try and get some samples and see whether they work before investing. Will review some more Thalgo products in the next post. 

P. S - Samples sent by Brand. Review 100% mine.

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