Monday, 19 August 2013

New Launch:: Vichy introduces Dercos Neogenic

Mumbai, August 2013: Beautiful hair is the reflection of youth and health. Hair loss is often accompanied by a loss of self-esteem and has a very strong psychological impact. However the search for that one product that works against hair loss ends, as Vichy introduces Dercos Neogenic hair density treatment - a ground-breaking hair-rebirth treatment based on fundamental new scientific discoveries that will mark the beginning of a new era in alopecia studies.

Found within each organ and each tissue, stem cells have the unique power to renew themselves all throughout life to generate new cells. Because of stem cells, hair is able to recreate themselves throughout life in a cyclical manner. For over 20 years, L‘Oréal research has studied stem cells and has acquired expertise that is unrivaled worldwide and established that stem cells are involved in the awakening of the dormant hair follicles.

Vichy’s Dercos Neogenic contains 5%  Stemoxydine, a patented molecule that promotes the proper functioning of stem cells at the origin of new hair and awakens the dormant bulbs by creating the ideal environment for the optimal functioning of stem cells.

Clinical studies have shown an average gain of 1700 new hair at 3 months, versus placebo.
Dercos Neogenic is scientifically formulated for men and women suffering from low hair density. The treatment is carried out as a three month course: a single-dose in the morning or evening to damp or dry hair. NEOGENIC can be used on color-treated, permed and chemically relaxed hair.
 Each box includes a unique applicator with an ergonomic massage tip and provides an icy-cool massage effect for the scalp that is highly enjoyable and also stimulates micro-circulation.
One box includes 28 single doses for a month’s treatment.

DERCOS NEOGENIC is exclusively available with select dermatologists across the country. To know more call consumer advisor on 022 2494 0336.

Price: Rs 8500 for 28 ampoules

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