Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Funky Nail Art or Dramatic Eye Makeup ? What's Your Choice for My New Contest?

Now that the monsoons are in full swing, I thought why not do a contest to celebrate the rains? And that's when I came up with the theme of Pout Pretty's newest contest!..What is it? Very simple. Monsoon! 

I've been thinking about this for nearly two days and haven't been able to come to a decision so being a very intelligent girl, I'm passing the buck to you:). Tell me what you would you like to do? 

Depict the monsoon through funky nail art or dramatic eye makeup? Both is not an option!!. You have to select only one. 

The choice is yours. Just reply in the Comments section on what you would like. What gets the most votes will be your challenge!

You have time till Sunday, 26th August to voice your opinion Pretties so think hard, think well and write it down below. 

Based on what gets the max votes, I will choose the prize (Won't disappoint you that's for sure :))

Looking forward to reading your comments..

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