Thursday, 23 August 2012

L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Burning Black - Review and Swatch

I am officially in love!!!..Before you get all curious, no, its not with any person but with a super duper excellent product that L'oreal has come out with - The Infallible Eyeshadow range that all bloggers have been raving about. I jumped onto the bandwagon pretty late but then better late than never right? Got Endless Chocolate a couple of weeks back and last Sunday, added Burning Black to my Infallible collection (I'm getting all of them!). The name is however a mystery to me. Why would L'oreal name a gorgeous red-toned burgundy purple eye shadow with a subtle sheen Burning Black in India?? In the US, they gave a very appropriate name, Smoldering Plum. Why the change L'oreal??

I love the packaging of the Infallible eye shadows.They look good and the conserver is a very well thought of addition that keeps the shadow from running all around the place. The transparent back allows to identify the color easily.

The texture is soft, smooth and finely-milled. It is a cross between a cream, a pigment and a powder eye shadow and therefore a dream to apply.

The color is simply gorgeous! It's more intense when you apply it slightly damp but even if you apply it directly from the pot, it's still pretty rich. The shimmer is not OTT so you can use it as an everyday shadow as well. They are really pigmented so you don't need to layer it on for color. 1-2 swipes is enough to get a burst of burgundy purple on your lids. I like applying these shadows with my fingers rather than a brush because I feel that they blend better but you can always use a brush or a sponge tip applicator.

The best part about these shadows is its staying power. Without a primer, Both Endless Chocolate and Burning Black gives me around 8-9 hrs of wear and there is no fading or creasing. And I have oily lids!

Is Burning Black worth Rs 450?

Absolutely. The color is simply gorgeous and the quality top class. If I had to blind test, I would have seriously thought that these eye shadows belonged to a high-end brand. They are believed to be dupes of Armani's Eyes to Kill but I don't have Armani so can't really comment. What I can say is Get These Gals if you have'nt already. These are totally worth it!

Have you tried any of the Infallible shadows? Which one is your favorite?

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