Sunday, 18 May 2014

My Play Date with Dove and Indiblogger at Mumbai - DovePlay Event Coverage and Pictures

Last Sunday this time around I was inside the J W Marriott hotel in Mumbai wearing white, eating pav bhaaji, cheesecake and sandwiches, drinking a glass of white wine, giving interviews and feeling like a celebrity, talking to fellow bloggers some of whom I have already met and some I was meeting the first time, clicking loads of pics and playing a lot of games. The occasion was the Dove & Indiblogger DovePlay event to which I was invited by Hindustan Lever and it was one event whose memories I will cherish forever. 

Dove and Indiblogger had invited a bunch of female bloggers to enjoy a playdate with them at the Marriott and the entire day was filled with activities and was super fun. It was my first Indiblogger event and boy was I surprised at how good it turned out to be. The planning was meticulous, the activities very interesting, the food excellent and the goodie bag lovely! Any blogger event is a lot of fun specially coz you get to meet so many people and that's always a major reason why I want to attend these. Sadly, nothing much happens in Kolkata so its only when I'm invited to attend one outside Kol that I get to hang around with the girls. I was very happy and excited to catch up with Samyukta, Jyoti, Hina, Ritu, Apurva, Tanya, Jhilmil, Bhumika, Shivani, Priyanka, Ruhi, Magali, Nivedita, Swarnali, Shayoni, Reshma and Debby from Edelman and many more like Megha, Natasha, Stuti, Ekta, Ankita who I interacted with for the first time. They are all sweethearts and I had a fabulous time with all of them. Really hope that I get to meet all of these girls soon.

Props for pics. Courtesy - Indiblogger

Inside the banquet hall at the Marriott. Courtesy - Indiblogger

Zumba time. Courtesy - Indiblogger

Coming to the event, it was choc a bloc with loads of activities that started at 4 pm and ended at around 10. All of us were divided into groups and the name of mine was Fringe Benefits. The activities were all to be carried out by the group together and they started off with jiving to the zumba, racing against time to finish a lifesize jigsaw puzzle of the Dove ad, trying to maneuver a hoola hoop (I failed miserably at this!), catching balls, playing with hair to come up with hairstyles on our partners, making cocktails and at the end grabbing flying paper doves inside a crystal maze. The maximum fun I had was in catching balls thrown at me from all sides. Its been ages since I played these games and they definitely brought out the kid in me. My team did not win but we all gave it our best and most importantly had a lot of fun.

Throw the balls - that's my team to the right. Courtesy - Indiblogger

The Hair Styling booths. Courtesy - Indiblogger
Dove ensured that we are also pampered during that time so they set up a hair styling room where we could go and get our hair done from the stylists. I'm usually non-experimental with my hair and I either leave it open or tie it up in a ponytail. That day I thought of trying out something different and got myself curls which looked quite nice on me. Have planned to get myself a pair of tongs sometime soon to replicate that hair. 

Time to make some cocktails!

Post the styling session and the cocktail making round was the time for the announcement of the winners and dinner. Happy that Shayoni, a fellow Kolkata blogger was part of the winning group and they got salon vouchers. Dinner was a huge spread that included salads, pastas, biryani, chicken, fish and lots of desserts. By the end of it I was so tired that all I wanted to do was go back to my hotel room and just crash on the bed. Too bad I had a 6.00 am flight back the next morning else would have spent some more time in Mumbai.

So that's how my play date with Dove and Indiblogger went. Can't thank them enough for inviting me and making sure that I had a wonderful time. We were all given a goody bag each which had a Dove Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner with Keratin Actives, a lovely hair clip and a Philips hair straightener. Yup..full on pampering :D

Here are some more pics of the event. Sorry about the quality. I did take my camera but there was so much going on that it was just easier to click pics with the mobile than lugging the camera around. You can also check out Indiblogger's FB page for more pics of the event.

L - R - Jyoti, Samyukta, Bhumika. Pic courtesy - Indiblogger Fb page

L-R - Nivedita, Priyanka, Hina, Ruhi

With Nivedita of
Me and Samyukta of isimplylovemakeup

Magali of Blue Skies, Calm Seas and Me

What I wore to the event - a dress from AND

With Priyanka of The Purplenista

My hair makeover!
I've been using the Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner with Keratin Actives for a week now and its so good! My hair has always liked Dove products and this is no different. The shampoo is intensely moisturising and has made my hair so soft, smooth and bouncy. Really can't stop playing with my hair now!

Did you like my hair makeover and the post? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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