Monday, 1 October 2012

Makeup The Eyes Contest - Vote Now For Your Favorite Entry!

Ok pretties I'm no longer accepting entries for the Makeup the Eyes Contest and yes, it's now time to decide on the winner. Thank you all so much for participating and sending me your different looks. All of them are soo beautiful! Thank God, I don't have to select who's getting the e.l.f Beauty Palette :)

Before you decide on who to vote for, take a look at the entries once again. The theme of the contest was Colors of the Monsoon and each participant had to send in an eye makeup look depicting the theme and also explain why the look depicted the Colors of the Monsoon. 

Entry 1 - Awungshi 

' I think my eye make up represents the color of monsoon because orange and yellow are the signs of the fading leaves, along with the rain loaded blue clouds speckled with some bright colors (pink) of nature, in my case"

Entry 2 a & b - Salomi 

"This look represents my view of first light after heavy rain (first time you see clear sky after continuous heavy rain fall)"



"This is a night look which represents clouds during twilight"


Entry 3 a & b - Apoorva


"Since the theme is monsoon, I chose black skies, blue waters and brown ends"


"I chose the EARTH. Colors green and blue. Green for the environment which turn green with the rain. and blue for water. Gave a base color of magenta. Just to represent woods"

Entry 4 - Ritu 

"I have used the colors grey and blue as inspiration from a monsoon scene where grey clouds can be seen floating in the dark blue sky"

Entry 5 - Poorna

"Here's what I did. No eyeshadow, primer, or anything. Only some colors to play with, because the monsoons are a fabulous time to have fun without fearing everything will wash away"

Entry 6 a,b,c - Ramya

"In this look I have taken inspiration from the grey clouds, the blue skies, the shimmery rain drops and the green leaves on which the dewy rain falls. Monsoon for me means endless dark clouds in the sky and the diamond-like glittering rain drops falling from the sky through the blue blue skies onto the thirsty waiting leaves"



"In this eye makeup, I have drawn inspiration from the colours of the Rainbow....monsoon means rain and rainbows...the splash of colour across the skies in a lovely bow just melts your heart during the rains. I incorporated all the colours of the rainbow into one eye art :) right from Yellow, Orange, Red, Indigo down to blue green and violet"


"In this eye makeup, I have taken inspiration from a peacock which enjoys and dances during the rains. As the clouds burst and the rain starts falling, the majestic peacock spreads its tail and dances away to glory. We see a beautiful blend of colours in the peacock's plumage. In this eye-catching eye makeup, I have tried to capture the fascinating colours of the peacock's feathers and blended them onto my eyes" 

Entry 7 a & b - Reshma Ray Connect


GREY MATTERS : "More than the rain, its the coming of rain that matters to me. I love how the clouds change from white to grey to black before pouring down"


DEW DROPS : "Those shiny, pearly drops over a freshly bloomed flowers are so mesmerizing to look on. This look was created keeping it on mind"

Entry 8 - Lee Bee

"My look represents  the 'Colors of Monsoon' as my fondest memories of monsoons are about watching peacocks during a burst of shower at my massiz place so Ive done a look inspired by a peacock's colors and swirls"

Entry 9 - Pooja 

"The blue sky, filled with promises of rain is what the color on my eyelids shows,the shades on my crease give a hint of rainbow that is to follow the rains.The bright grey-gold is the silver lining in the dark clouds of my lashes and the swipe of my black kohl"

Entry 10 - Shourima

My look has blue! Even though monsoon colors are green! I felt blue can be more referred to water. My look has shades of blue, a bit of grey that depicts rain clouds, & a little glitter that depicts drops of rain & double winged liner that depicts thunder lightning! I know! not literally! 

There you go. Think hard, use your sound judgement and vote for the entry who you think captured the Colors of the Monsoon the best. Remember voting is for each entry. 

To vote, go to the side bar of my blog and select the one who you think should win. You cannot select multiple entries :). Voting is on till 07/10/2012, 14.40 pm.

Also, leave a comment below on the entry you liked the most. Would love to know :)

All the best to the participants! Only one of you will win but to my eyes, you are all winners! Thank you once again for participating :)


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