Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Born Pretty Store Love Alpha Eye Color Frozen (08) - Review, Swatch

The product that I'm writing about today has got to be one of the most unique things in my makeup stash. Its called the Love Alpha Eye Color Frozen and it was sent over to me by the lovely folks at Born Pretty Store for review. Much of what's written on the package is in Chinese so I can't make out the manufacturer or the details of the product but it is basically a shimmer eye shadow with a twist. Why I say twist? Read on to find out..

Take your favorite golden holograph glitter, add it in a semi-jelly like substance, mix it up very well and then transfer the contents into a container. There you go, that's basically how you will make this Love Alpha Eye Color Frozen. Why frozen? And that's where the twist lies. When you touch the eye shadow, you feel as if you are touching jelly that's come out of the fridge 10 minutes back! Surprised right? So was I when i first touched it. I've used powder and cream eye shadows but a cold jelly was definitely my first!

The eye shadow is very cute to look at. The body is clear plastic so you can see the color inside and the plastic silver lid is etched with designs. The eye shadow has a faint flowery fragrance but that does not last for too long. The texture as I mentioned above is semi-jelly like and its packed with gold and pink glitter. When I first looked inside the tiny jar, I thought that the glitters would come off way too strong on the lids but it actually depends on how much you want to put on. One application will give a light wash of glitter but you can build the intensity and pack on as much as you want to. I use this shadow in two ways - as a base for powder eye shadows or I just dab on a little bit in the center of the lids as a finishing touch if I'm going out in the evening. This color is a bit too much for a day time look.

What I really like about the Eye Color Frozen is that there is no fall out and when applied, the glitters do not move unless they are removed with an eye makeup remover. I was sent a beautiful gold color (08) for review but this eye shadow is also available in 13 other colors. The price is $5 and at this price, the quality is pretty good. 

If you want to buy the product, click here and do not forget to use the code DDH10 to get 10% off on all items at Born Pretty Store.

Disclaimer - Product sent by Born Pretty. 

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