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Oriflame Optimals Skin Care Range - Review

Today's post is going to be all about skin care products from a brand that I am quite fond of. Oriflame had sent me their Optimals range of cleanser, toner, day and night cream about three weeks back and I'm all set to share my thoughts.

Oriflame Optimals Skincare Range

I thought of doing mini reviews of all the products together instead of dissecting them one by one in separate posts. I must tell you that this post is a combined effort of my mom and myself. She has been using the day and night cream and I'm using the cleanser and toner so you will get to know from both of us whether these products work. Ideally, the range should be used together to see the effect but I did not want to experiment with my current day and night creams so mom is happily trying them out on herself.

Read on to know more about these products..

Oriflame Optimals White Foaming Gel and Balancing Toner

1. Oriflame Optimals White Foaming Gel for Normal/Combination Skin (Rs 499 for 200 ml) - It is a regular gel cleanser that lathers up quite nicely and also has a refreshing scent  It is mild and I like that it does not make my face dry. I honestly have not seen much of whitening but the cleanser does make my face squeaky clean and it appears bright and radiant after washing off. I have also not experienced any breakouts or rashes after using this. The price is definitely on the higher side but it would last for at least two months because you need very little. Don't go for the whitening claim but if you are looking for a daily cleanser that does its job well and leaves skin looking healthy and bright, go for this. 

2. Oriflame Optimals White Balancing Toner for Normal/Combination Skin (Rs 499 for 200 ml) - I must admit that out of all skincare products, I'm the most careless with toner. I'll cleanse face, slather on suncreen/moisturiser and that's it. However lately I've been trying very hard to be regular with toner and this is the only one I'm using. Love that it's mild, smells really nice and refreshing and does not dry out skin. It feels soothing and also removes traces of makeup or grime that a cleanser has left behind. Combined with the foaming gel, my skin looks and feels quite good. 

Oriflame Optimals Day and Night Cream

3. Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream with SPF 20 (Rs 549) - Now coming to my mom's reviews. First up is the day cream which she has been using religiously every day for the last three weeks. I've tried it a couple of times too and liked the smooth and soft texture. On application, it does feel slightly oily but it spreads evenly and absorbs immediately. Once absorbed, there is no stickiness or greasiness and the formula feels weightless. My mom has very oily skin but she says that the cream does not add to the oiliness or makes her sweat a lot or feel uncomfortable. The cream again has a mild fragrance and also includes SPF 20. 
The Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream is not just to moisturise the skin but also claims to even out dark spots and pigmentation.  She has been using both the day and night cream and I must admit that I haven't really seen a huge difference in my her skin yet in terms of whitening.  She is quite 'white' herself but yes she does glow quite a bit now. And her skin looks healthy and bright too. One of the ingredients of this product is liquorice which is effective against dark spots and pigmentation. That could be one of the reasons why her skin looks a lot brighter now but we will need to wait for the tub to finish to see if it has managed to lighten some of the dark spots on her face. 

4. Oriflame Optimals Even Out Night Cream (Rs 999)   - This cream again claims to work on dark spots. My mom says that the texture is slightly heavier than the day cream and it smells really nice. She likes that in the morning the skin feels hydrated but it might be a bit too heavy if you have super oily skin. She has been using both products regularly and like I mentioned above, her skin looks quite radiant nowadays. Both creams did not lead to any rashes or breakouts. Again, will need to wait for another couple of weeks to see if both products manage to lighten the dark spots on her face. 

Oriflame has always impressed me with their products specially the skin care ones and these are no different. Leaving aside the whitening claim, these products really manage to clean skin, provide good hydration and in general enhance radiance. The price is on the higher side but Oriflame does give discounts every month so check out if there are any offers on these.

P.S - Products sent by the brand. Honest review as always

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