Monday, 10 March 2014

Swatches of Six Sephora 12Hr Wear Waterproof Jumbo Liners

Sephora 12Hr Wear Waterproof Jumbo Liners

My love affair with the Sephora 12Hr Wear Waterproof Jumbo Liners started in April 2013 at Delhi's Sephora. The SA at the store insisted that I try out one when I was checking out the eye pencils. I was looking for a pitch black liner and when I swatched it, was spellbound by the texture and pigmentation. Since then, I collected three of these pencils in black, purple and green and I always wanted more. So what did I do when I landed at the Sephora store in Ion Orchard Singapore? Went to the counter where these pencils were displayed and picked up six of them! I actually wanted to get all but my wallet did not permit me at that time but I'm definitely getting the rest very soon.

These jumbo pencils double as eyeliners and eye shadows and they are available in matte as well as glitter/shimmer finishes. NYX and a lot of international and Indian brands like Lakme does jumbo eye pencils too but the Sephora ones are my favorite. They are incredibly soft, very well pigmented and actually last for more than 12 hrs. In Delhi, I think they are priced at Rs 680 unless the price has increased now. If you go to a Sephora store, these pencils are a must buy. Believe me they are this good! The only problem is that they are not retractable so you do need a big sharpener. I picked up the shades Electric Blue Matte, Kaki (that's the spelling!), Brown, Purple Glitter, Marine and Dark Taupe Shimmer. Here are the swatches of each of them..

From L - R - Electric Blue Matte, Brown, Dark Taupe Shimmer, Marine, Purple Glitter, Kaki

Which color did you like the most? Do share in the comments below.

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