Sunday, 23 March 2014

NYX Super Fat Eye Marker Carbon Black - Review, Swatch, EOTD

NYX Super Fat Eye Marker Carbon Black

When I was a kid, I was really fond of coloring and would pester my mum to buy me those fat activity/coloring books and would spend hours over them. I had absolutely no talent in drawing but coloring was something I really enjoyed. In fact even now when I buy those books for my 7 yr old niece, I'm the one to finish half the pages :D. Maybe its a throwback to my inner sketch pen loving child but this NYX Super Fat Eye Marker has always intrigued me. A product that makes getting the definition of liquid liner as easy as drawing with a marker… sounds good, right?

NYX Super Fat Eye Marker Carbon Black

I bought the NYX Super Fat Eye Marker a couple of months back when medplusbeauty was having a NYX sale. I wanted a liquid liner but something hassle free and this NYX Marker seemed a perfect choice because I always prefer a thick line of kohl/liner/kajal than a thin one. This product looks and feels exactly like the typical marker and has a pointed felt tip which makes lining eyes very easy. There are quite a few reasons why I like this product as an eye liner and would definitely recommend to you.

1. This can be used by anyone from the eye lining whiz to the nervous newbie who can never get a precise line. The felt tip makes it very easy and all you need to do is follow your eye shape.

2. Pigmentation is great and the color is a rich dark black. I like that the color flows evenly on to the felt tip so there are no uneven patches.

3. The finish is semi-matte. It starts off as slightly glossy and then dries down to a semi-matte finish.

4. Even though the tip is quite thick, you can draw thin lines as well. The winged liner look is very easy to do with this pen.

5. The liner lasts all day! I wear it to work and even after 9 hours there is no smudging or fading.

6. Even though it's smudgeproof, it's not a pain to take off. 

7. Lasts for a long time without the color drying up.

Even though I love this liner, it's not 100% perfect and has a couple of cons. 

1. This works very well on the upper lashline but hardly shows up on the waterline or lower lash line. Tightlining is also something I won't do with this pen.

2. After a month of regular wear, I've seen that the felt tip has bent slightly. Still does a great job though.

I've used the NYX Super Fat Eye Marker on my lids and the Body Shop Color Crush eyeshadow Something Blue on the lower lashline

I really like this liner because its so easy to use. There are plenty of felt tip liners available today but most of them have a very thin tip which makes it difficult for us girls who like wearing a thick line. This does that job perfectly. In the US, I think this is priced around $10. I can't remember exactly how much I paid medplusbeauty for this but it was around Rs 650 (sale price though). Think the MRP is much higher. 

Do you prefer the traditional liquid liners or the felt tip ones? Do share your comments below.

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