Monday, 27 January 2014

TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer Bronzer - Review, Swatch

TheBalm is a brand that really grabs attention with their packaging and I'm sure the picture of Betty Lou Manizer has definitely grabbed yours right? Don't you just love the vintage feel of the product? Well, I'll be honest here and share that the packaging was a major reason for me buying this bronzer. And then of course, the rave reviews sealed the deal. This was my first ever bronzer and I've been hooked on to Betty Lou since buying it last year.

TheBalm also has a Mary Lou Manizer, a lighter champagne colored highlighter and a Cindy-Lou Manizer, a peachy pink highlighter but the golden bronze Betty a.ka. The Bronzing Bandit works very well on my medium-dark skin tone. So what is this product? Its actually much more than a bronzer. Its a "silky smooth pressed powder that can be used as a bronzer, eye shadow, and all-over shimmer" and its supposed to diffuse light while providing subtle warmth to the skin.

The color is a bronze with very fine golden shimmer that gives a radiant glow to the skin and that 'golden goddess' kinda look. Its a pressed powder and the texture incredibly smooth. The shimmer is really fine and does not feel gritty at all. The pigmentation is excellent and you only need a tiny amount. Too much of the product on the face will only make one look like a shiny golden discoball! I have not used it as an eye shadow yet (and I really don't know why!) but absolutely love the product as a highlighter, blush and bronzer. A tiny bit goes a long way and the effect is great. The product also has amazing staying power. I wore it today and after 11 hours, it was still on my face, slightly faded but that glow was very much there. 

I would particularly recommend Betty-Lou Manizer if you have a medium-dark skin tone. On very fair skin tones, this might look too golden but on us dusky girls, this is super! TheBalm products are available at strawberrynet and you can buy Betty-Lou here for Rs 1566. 

Have you tried any TheBalm products? Any favorites?

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