Monday, 27 January 2014


The year 2014 marks an important milestone in Kérastase history, the celebration of 50 years of hair care excellence for this iconic brand! Since 1964, Kérastase has offered customised solutions tailor-made to suit every individual’s hair and scalp needs. The products help in nourishing, protecting and enhancing the hair fibre, and at the same time caring for the scalp. This is the Kérastase notion of the “Art of Perfect Hair”, since 1964. In 2014, to advance even further,Kérastase creates a whole new category in its range with the launch of “Couture Styling” in January 2014. For the launch, Kérastase associates with an iconic spokesperson and brand ambassador, Kate Moss. The British Top Model, who has been an ambassador to many fashion and beauty brands, will for the first time represent the image of a luxury hair-care brand. The Kérastase expertise in hair care and Kate’s audacious glamour will change the way styling is perceived, celebrating beautifully styled hair with freedom of movement and the pleasure of high tech, sensual textures.

The Kérastase Couture Styling range can be classified on the basis of function as the Construction Range and theFinishing Range. The Construction range is a collection of four products which can be used to create or construct the style. These amazing products infuse the hair for a glamorous, yet subtle effect. The products of the Finishing range are used to perfect the look. A profusion of performances, the finishing range offers the styling effect every woman desires.


1. Lift Vertige: Root uplifting Gel- Volume pushed to new heights with Lift Vertige. At the root of this high-performance product is a simple formula: lift, suppleness, elevation. This formula can deliver volume at the roots, without a frozen stiff look. 1800 INR (75ml)

2. Forme Fatale: Irrestible Blow Dry Gel – This is an innovative blow dry gel with a fine texture and golden micro-particles, which perfectly shape the hair to give it the desired style. It creates looks with long-lasting shape and hold. (1500 INR for 125ml)

3. Mousse Bouffante: Lush Volumising Mousse - Mousse Bouffante instantly transforms hair with a glamorous dose of volume. It gently envelopes the fibre and thickens fine hair, while still enabling the hair to move freely for a stunning look that subtly makes a statement. (1800 INR for 150ml)

4. Boucles d'Art: Curl Designer Aqua-Mousse - The product’s texture is so meltingly soft that just a small amount can define either simple waves or cascades of voluptuous curls. The style can be easily revised for somewhat looser curls. Just strong enough to add body without weighing down the hair. (1800 INR for 150ml)


1. Powder Bluff: The texturising dry shampoo - An energizing innovative effect: a styling powder that cleanses the hair absorbs excess oil on the scalp and gives volume and density to the hair. Fine and invisible, this powder blends with the hair, leaving no residue and gently texturises the hair for a fresh feel and look. It is a handy product to carry around in your handbag and touch up your hairstyle on the go. (1500 INR for 200ml)

2. Laque Couture: Fixing Lacquer - With its unprecedented sensuality, this product illuminates the hair fibre with gorgeous shine. Laque Couture is a styling essential with an innovative formula: a microspray designed to diffuse a mist that sets the hair without making it stiff. For hair that is lively, vibrant and radiant. (2300 INR for 300ml)

The Kerastase Couture Styling products are available in Kerastase salons across India.
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