Thursday, 30 January 2014

How to get rid of glitter stains from clothes - Tips from Surf Excel

For a special night out, you can't really go wrong with glitter. Glitter make-up looks great and is a real eye catcher. But whether you dazzle with glittery nail polish, make your eyes sparkle with glitter eyeshadow, or take that cat eye look to the next level with glitter eyeliner – as soon as the make-up ends up on your clothes, you are facing a bit of a challenge. Washing the fabric is essential, but sometimes it is necessary to take additional precautions to get rid of stubborn glitter particles. Once you’ve found the right detergent, getting rid of make-up stains in the laundry can be very easy, but in this case throwing your clothes straight into the wash could spread the glitter onto other garments – so a little patience will pay off. If you discover a glitter make-up stain on your clothes, follow these simple tips to remove it – after all, you can't always feel like a fairy princess.

Removing the Stain First

Most glitter can be removed by tackling the make-up base itself. If a regular make-up product has stained your clothes, most of the time a good make-up remover will do the trick. Soak a pad with it and carefully dab at the stain, making sure you don't spread it any further. For some make-up stains, such as liquid glitter eyeliner, you might have to opt for a pre-wash stain remover, soaking the stain before throwing it into the wash. Nail varnish might seem a bit harder to remove at first, but no need to worry. Place the stained area face down on a paper towel and treat the stain, blotting the affected area with a cotton ball soaked in acetone and rinsing it carefully afterwards. 

Getting Rid of Stubborn Glitter
Once you have dealt with the stain itself, sometimes the glitter particles will stubbornly still stick to your clothes. But don't worry – there are some very simple tricks you can use to get rid of the glitter before you throw your laundry in the wash. The easiest method is to use sticky tape. Flatten the clothes and apply bits of sticky tape to the fabric to remove the glitter. If you're lucky, all the glitter will come out instantly, but if not, there’s no need to panic – do you have a lint roller at hand? Roll it over the fabric until you get rid of all the glitter. If there are still some particles sticking to your fabric afterwards, grab some hairspray and spray it on the affected area. Wait until the hairspray stiffens the fabric and the glitter particles stick to the spray. You can now either shake the clothes to get rid of the glitter or, to be safe, wash the fabric as usual. Any leftover glitter should be gone once and for all after the wash. But do make sure to wash the garment by itself – that is, if you don't fancy repeating these steps all over again. 

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