Sunday, 14 October 2012

My Collection of Blushes

I'm right now going through a major 'I love blush' phase so been buying them like crazy. Strangely, I've never been attracted to blushes and its only been a year that I've discovered how awesome these can make one look. The first blush I ever bought was MAC's Peaches and it still is the one I reach out to the most. Since Peaches, I've added on quite a few to my collection so thought would share them with you today. 

Here's the complete collection and yes I'm extremely fond of bright colors!

MAC Assorted

From L to R - Desert Rose, Peaches, Magenta, Solar Ray

NYX Pinks..

From L to R - Dusty Rose, Hot Pink

Ben Nye Brights..

From L to R - Powder Rouge Orange Zest, Creme Rouge Coral

Sleek's Flamingo

Kryolan Reds

From L to R - Youth Red, 080

So there's my humble blush collection. I want to add some nude, peach, fuchsia and bronze colors so please recommend some shades. Also, let me know which are your favorite blushes. Will check them out. 


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