Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Mint-O Ultramintz Experience

Apart from the usual makeup products and essentials that I carry with me all the time, there is one more thing that is a constant companion - a pack of mints. I love going to stores and checking out mint tins and of course the prettier they are to look at, the more inclined I am to buy. Had read somewhere that peppermint helps to reduce hunger pangs and given the fact that I'm always hungry, having a pack of mints handy is a very sensible thing to do :). Also helps that they give me minty fresh breath.

In India, we now have a wide variety of sugar free chewing gum but there is quite a dearth of sugar free mints. The new Mint-O Ultramintz that ITC has come out with fills in that gap very well. I had recently applied to review the Ultramintz on blogadda and was selected by them to be one of the 50 bloggers to try it out. When I first received the package, I honestly did not think that these had mints inside. My mum saw the package from a distance and with a surprised look asked me so now you are even sent chocolates for review? Really if the name of the product was not written on the cover, I would have thought the box to contain chocolates as well. I don't know whether the black and blue box is specially designed for blogadda but if that's the regular package, I would have bought it irrespective of how the product inside is. And the cuteness does not end there. When I opened the box, the case itself lay on a bed of black satin and it looked lovely! The case is again in black and white and has a tiny opening from where the mint pellets come out. It only pops out a max of two pellets at a time unless you are really shaking vigorously so everything does not come rushing out. Very well designed! The pellets are bright white in color and are tiny but don't underestimate their power by their size. These babies have a pretty strong peppermint flavor and ITC says that the peppermint oil has been imported from France. The peppermint, menthol and speciality cooling compounds combination packs quite a punch.

I've been popping these tiny pellets many times during the day and no I don't have stinky breath! I just love their taste and think they are by far the strongest ones I've used till date. What I like is that they are not the 'burn your tongue and mouth type strong' and I've become an addict. One pellet is enough to give me minty fresh breath that lasts for a long time and I don't have to worry about unnecessary sugar intake either. I received two of these from blogadda and my mum liked them so much that she now has one in her bag too. So there you go. Confirmation from both mother and daughter that the new Mint-O Ultramintz is pretty great. Go ahead, pop one in your mouth and freeze your senses :).

Ultramintz costs Rs 50 for 12g and contains 60 pellets. Pretty good value for money I think. 

For more information on Ultramintz, check out their Facebook page

"I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda"
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