Sunday, 19 May 2013

What I got in my first ever Jewel Box from Faballey!

Let me start off this post by saying that it is not sponsored and I have not been paid anything in either cash or kind to write this. The main intention is to share with you a concept that I find to be rather unique as well as pretty decent value for money for everyone who loves jewelry, specially statement/artificial jewelry.

We have all heard about the concept of a beauty box, where you are sent 3-4 samples of beauty products in a box every month. has come up with the concept of a Jewel Box, where you pay Rs 1000 and get three jewelry pieces in a box every month. I came across this jewelry box ad on their website couple of months back and got quite interested. What you have to do is pretty simple. Go to their website, take a quick style quiz and based on your replies, faballey will recommend a Classic, Boho, Casual or Glamour Box for you. Not that you have to only take what's recommended but it's fun to take the quiz. The only hitch is that these boxes are available for only a short period and they get shipped quite late. For e.g, if you subscribe to a May box, then it will be dispatched only mid-june.

These Rs 1000 boxes are decent value for money because the products original MRP totals to Rs 2000 (as per faballey), so there's a discount of Rs 1000 and the pieces are quite good. They don't look tacky or cheap, are of good quality and are pretty good to look at. And they obviously change every month. I subscribed to one in April and got my box last week. Take a look at the contents..

If you want to get your own jewel box, click here. The May subscription is open till 31st May.

Which piece did you like?

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