Monday, 21 January 2013

Essence Soufflé Touch Blush In Cold Wildberry - Review

Guest Post by Maryam Qadri 

Hellooo. I know it’s been really long, like very long since I did a post. Blame it on the winter that makes us lazy and lazier to do anything. Yet I am here, fighting the laziness and doing a review on my recent purchase from Essence – their soufflé touch blush in Cold WildBerry.

Though it’s a recent buy, I've forgotten how much it cost. I had purchased this blush with many other products and I got this on Avenue Sale (Avenue is my one stop makeup shop when it comes to sale).

Moving on, I always wanted to get myself a cream blush. And I was looking for Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush, but I guess they stopped it. Atleast here in Dubai I could not find them anywhere. Plus, I was hesitant to buy these as I wasn’t sure if it would suit me or if I would apply it properly without looking like a clown.

But when I swatched this product on my hand and blended it, I was surprised to see that the color is not as intense as it shows. It left a light color on my hand, thus making it look very natural.

So I was all prepared to use it on my cheeks, and WOW…I fell in love with this color. It’s a pretty pink color, reminds me of the chewy sweet names Fruitella strawberry flavor (I don’t know how many of you all know this sweet, but it’s been my favorite when I was a kid!).

It has a slight blue undertone with a nice smell. The texture of the mousse is soft and blends like a dream. It lasts for a good few hours. This color is perfect for winters to give you that natural looking glow on days when you don’t want to do much makeup. I am not sure if this color would suit darker tones though. 

The Essence station has only this color available. So I am not aware of how many more colors they have. The cream blush will not suit dry skin, as the flakes on cheeks will show. But you can always moisturize your face before applying this blush. For oily skin, set it with a translucent or pressed powder to give a matte finish.

Blended. You can hardly see the color. It blends that perfectly in the skin :)
- Price (Essence is the most affordable makeup even without sale)
- Pretty color perfect for winter season.
- Blends easy without making skin oily
- It has a matte finish, but oily skin need to set it with translucent or pressed powder
- Nice floral smell
- Enough quantity to last many more winters
- Looks natural on cheeks if applied correctly.

- Need to dip in fingers for the product. But I guess all mousse blush comes like that.
- Dry skin people need to moisturize their face first before applying the blush.

Final Verdict:
If anyone is looking to achieve a natural looking glow, without going overboard with color; then this soufflé blush is perfect. Essence Souffle Touch Blush in Cold Wileberry is the perfect winter color. And with the quality and quantity of this product, this blush is very affordable.

How many of you all like your blush? Mousse or powder?


Today's post is by Maryam, an Indian, born, raised and now working as an analyst in Dubai. Maryam loves cats, has a degree in interior design, is an artist who loves painting on canvasses and her love for colors is the major reason behind the makeup addiction. She blogs about beauty, makeup, arts and craft at and this is her second post for Pout Pretty. 

Loved the review Maryam and the color is so pretty! Looking forward to more posts from you.

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