Monday, 24 December 2012

A visit to the Four Fountains Spa, a Hydrating Facial & A Contest Teaser!

Yayyy today is Pout Pretty's 6 month Happy Birthday! It's been such a great last six months and I can't thank you enough for reading the blog, appreciating it and giving me your love and support. It means so much to me. Cheers to all of you wonderful readers for keeping Pout Pretty alive and kicking. Hopefully we will get to celebrate many more birthdays together in the coming years! Love you all!

Even though the birthday is today, I actually had a mini-celebration last week itself courtesy the Four Fountains Spa, Kolkata. They were very generous to give me a complimentary therapy at the recently opened spa and I happily went last Monday to get myself pampered. 

The Four Fountains Spa is India's largest chain of affordable health spas located across 10 cities of India. They offer spa therapies for de-stressing, de-toxification, immunity and beauty for both men and women. The Four Fountains Spa recently opened two spas in Kolkata, one in Salt Lake and the other in Camac Street. Since the former is easier for me, I decided to get my therapy done there. 

The spa is located in Salt Lake, near the Swimming Pool and it's right on the main road therefore the location is very convenient. On entering, I was greeted by the very courteous staff who offered any therapy that I wanted. I would have loved to say give me everything but after going through the brochure for nearly 10 mins, opted for the Hydrating Facial. It had been quite a while since I got a facial done and since my skin was feeling slightly dry, that looked the best option for me. Before the therapy actually began, I was also asked a few questions to determine the level of stress in my life, a stress test!. The questions ranged from the kind of work I do, my level of stress at work, my sleep hours etc. I was put under the moderately stressed category (Thank God) and recommended a visit to a spa every 20 days. 

While waiting for the therapist to get ready, I was looking around the spa and what I liked was the simple but very relaxing atmosphere. I wouldn't call the interiors luxurious but it immediately gets you into a peaceful and relaxed state of mind. Low lights, light music, fragrance of scented oil all add to the atmosphere and give that very 'spa-like' feel. While I was soaking in the ambience, my therapist came and guided me to the room aptly named 'Harmony'. It was a small room with a bed, cupboards to keep belongings and an attached shower. Very clean, neat and tidy. Since, I was only doing a facial, I did not have to remove clothes,  but obviously, if you are taking a massage, then the spa provides disposable undergarments to wear. I know a lot of you, including me are wary of that in a spa but don't worry, there's no risk of exposing yourself. You will be all safe and covered up. I was asked to remove my upper garments and given a disposable non-transparent sort of tube top to cover up and lie down. The therapist then covered me up with a towel. 

Before beginning, she briefed me about the facial and the steps and said that it would take an hour. First, she cleaned my face and gave a massage for 10 mins, then applied toner, a scrub, a moisturizer which was massaged into the face for about 15 mins, then a hydrating pack and while the pack was drying, I was given a very very relaxing and much needed foot massage for nearly 15 mins. The therapist said that after a facial, a foot massage is very effective in speeding up the blood circulation to the face, giving a boost to the effect of the facial. Once the pack dried, came the usual cleaning up and applying moisturizer. I actually fell asleep in the middle of the was soo relaxing! And the foot massage was a super addition! Once everything was cleaned up, I did see a very glowing, refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated me in the mirror. The products used were all herbal and in-house.

I'm not a spa junkie and one of the major reasons why I'm not is the ridiculously high prices at most spas. The biggest plus point of The Four Fountains is that it's very affordable and they have weekday discounts as well if you visit between 10 am - 5 pm, along with packages and other offers. Check out the website to know more about the different therapies and their prices.

I loved my Four Fountains spa experience and would definitely recommend a visit if you have one in your city. Not praising because I was given a complimentary facial, but the spa is really nice. Highly recommend!

Now for an interesting bit of news. The lovely people at the Four Seasons Spa wants to celebrate Pout Pretty's birthday by giving away three complimentary spa vouchers to you. All that you need to do is enter in a contest and stand a chance to win a 60 mins massage therapy and two 30 mins massage therapy each at any of the spa locations. The contest will start on 25th Dec and end on 12th Jan..Excited? Watch out for the details in the evening!

Are you a spa junkie? Which is your favorite therapy?
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