Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lotus Herbals PureStay Foundation Hazelnut Star - Review

Some days back Lotus Herbals was offering a 50% off offer on all products purchased from their website and like a lot of other women even I jumped at the opportunity to stock up on a few products. Well, I did order quite a few but they sent the registration password so late that by that time I received it, the 50% off  was gone and I was too irritated to continue with all the products I had on my wishlist. With the 30% off that I got thankfully, I went ahead and ordered only the PureStay Nourishing Foundation in the shade Hazelnut Star. 

I was on the lookout for a daily wear foundation and since a lot of reviews spoke very highly of the Lotus new launch, decided to give that a try. 

Here's what Lotus has to say about its product..

All day wear, non-oily foundation that gives skin the ultimate weightless coverage.This new luminous formula hydrates skin,diminishes appearance of fine lines without clogging pores, delays ageing and offers broad spectrum UV protection SPF 20.

Here's what I think of the product..

Packaging - It is a pump style bottle with a pink shiny metallic coating cap on top and a nozzle to dispense the product. Honestly, I find the packaging quite tacky. A transparent bottle would have looked much better coz  if you get a scratch on the shiny pink areas, the coating comes off pretty easily and looks very ugly. I would have also preferred the nozzle not to be exposed since there are chances that foundation might stick to it after using and that is prone to attracting bacteria and germs. One needs to clean the nozzle every time after applying the foundation.

Fragrance - Not fond of the strong citrusy smell. Since the product claims to be preservative free, I would have preferred it to not have this artificial smell. 

Texture - It feels slightly thicker and more dense than the foundations I've used but on application blends really easily and I love that. On the face, it does not feel heavy at all. I find it easier to use my fingers when applying foundation but this will blend equally well when applied with a brush. 

Finish - The best part about the foundation is that it does not oxidise after application, a problem that I face with a lot of foundations. I vouch for this being an oil-free foundation because I tested it during the afternoon, a time when it gets very humid in Kolkata. Its an oil free foundation that gives a semi-matte finish, thus making it perfect for dry as well as oily skin. 

Shade - I bought the shade Hazelnut Star, which is perfect for my medium to dusky skin tone. If you are between NC 42-45, this should suit you very well. 

Staying Power - The staying power of the foundation is really commendable. I wore this during Durga Puja, a time when I was out practically the entire day. I applied it in the afternoon and it stayed put till late night. No touch ups required. 

Coverage - From medium to heavy, depending on how much coverage you want. I always go for medium coverage for daily wear therefore one layer is perfect for me and that's enough to hide my blemishes. If you want more coverage, build it up according to your preference. Another thing that I really liked about the foundation is that despite it having SPF 20, it does not leave a whitish cast in photographs, something that a lot of foundations do. 

In a nutshell, this foundation:
  • Does not oxidise
  • Stays put for nearly 7-8 hrs
  • Oil-free
  • Blends easily
  • Gives a semi-matte finish
  • Photographs well
  • Provides medium to heavy coverage
  • Preservative free
  • Has SPF 20
I'm loving this foundation and highly recommend it to everyone looking for a foundation to wear daily. Hazelnut Star is a perfect shade for NC 42-45 skin tones. For the rest, there are three other options to choose from. Pick up your shade now. 

Lotus Herbals PureStay Foundation is priced at Rs 595 for 30 ml.

Have you tried any of the PureStay range products? Any recommendations?

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