Monday, 30 July 2012

Fall in Love Contest - Winner Announced!

First of all sorry for the goof up in the date. I always meant to announce the winner on Monday, 30 July but God knows why I've been mentioning the date as 29. Apologies!!..Forgive the klutz please :(((

Now that you have forgiven me (I Hope :))...let me announce the name of my first ever contest winner. I know this line is a cliche but honestly this was a really tough competition to judge. While going through all entries, I've thought many times that I should have just organised a giveaway with the prize going to a random person rather than selecting one winner. But if I had done that, I wouldn't have got these amazing entries from you. Words that have inspired me, made me laugh and sometimes even made me shed a tear. Through your comments and emails, I now feel that I have come to know a little bit of the real you and that has been my greatest take-away. Thank you all so much for sharing yourself with me....I feel truly privileged.

I was looking for the answer which was written the most creatively and I found that in the email sent by Naina Agarwal, an MBA student. Naina describes her love affair with her name and I loved how well she described it with the right mix of emotion and humor . Congratulations Naina!..You will soon smell of Lotus Flower and Juicy Apple :)) . I would also like to mention a few more names here who came really really close to winning that Perfume Mist. Senecca Rato, Namita Kashyap, Kejal Shah, Tanveer Parmar, Poorna Banerjee, Ritu Rajput, Awungshi Philamazan...all you girls were simply fantastic!!. I would have given each one of you a Tempting Berry if I had them!...Thank you for participating and a big thank you to everyone else for participating. Keep loving yourself and Pout Pretty too :))))

Here is the winning entry......

When asked to write about what I love about myself I went blank for a second. Then after minutes of standing in front of the mirror I realised, if I really really love something about myself its something that personifies me, something that is my identity , something that makes me who I am - my name, Naina. This is who I am. I have big,round, black eyes that speak.And when I say it I mean it. Its jsut so easy to identify if I am happy, sad, angry or in one of my billion mood swings. They are the window to my soul. And my name just highlights and personifies that.I love how my parents see their world in their only daughter's eyes.. I love how my eyes speak to Mr.Boyfriend. He knows when I want those roses or when he should actually shut up. :P
Also I love how my name sounds, when half of my friends are named Pooja, Anjali, Neha or the likes, I like how I rarely meet people with my name. 
I love how my grandmom was hell bent on naming me Naina , because she fell in love with my eyes when she saw me for the first time, even when the pandit insisted that my name should start with B. And that I was her alltime favourite grandkid. 
I love how so many bollywood songs have the word 'Naina' in them and everyday when I enter class I am greeted by 'Naina tere kajrare hain, naino pe hum dil rahein hain' by my friends. 
I love how my name is called out in the auditorium to come and collect the award for excelling in some activity. 
I love how my best friend goes 'Nainaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' every single time she calls, just assure s me God has blessed me with lovely people around. 
I love how my name looks when I receive a parcel (shopping ??!! :P ) or a letter in the mail. Brightens up my day. 
And lastly I love how my name will always be around even when I am not. Because I will make it big one day. I know I will. 

Congrats once again Naina. I have sent you an email asking for your address. Please respond within the next two days to claim your prize. Thanks :)

What do you think of Naina's entry? Do share in the comments below.


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