Saturday, 6 September 2014

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro # 401 Tibetan Orange - Review, Swatch

I was roaming around inside the Champs Elysees Sephora store when the Giorgio Armani counter SA asked me to come with her and check the Lip Maestro range. I went over to the counter and she picked up #401, gave it to me and said "I know you are going to buy this". I saw the color, tried it on and fell in love. My friend Chandreyee was with me and she said "this will be my birthday gift to you this year". And that is how I got my first Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro. Will I buy a second one? Read on to find out...

A truly luminous matte lip color, Lip Maestro is more radiant than a matte lipstick and more sophisticated than a gloss. A luxurious, velvet texture that glides onto lips for 4-dimensional volume; lips are drenched in long lasting, chic color. Lip Maestro has all the color and sophistication women desire in a matte finish combined with the luminous intensity of a lip lacquer. A formula created exclusively by Giorgio Armani Cosmetics and made possible by a transparent “velvet” gel which diffuses light while providing a luxurious, matte finish for both depth and volume.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro # 401 Tibetan Orange 

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro # 401 Tibetan Orange 

The packaging is simple yet classy and the color as you can see is gorgeous. If you love bright reds and oranges, this one is for you. Tibetan Orange is a very close liquid version of MAC's Lady Danger lipstick. The color screams "Look at me" and you sure will get looked at. I also love the weightless texture of the color. It simply glides on the lips and feels very comfortable. I also like that it is moisturising and does not dry out lips. While the description says that this is a true matte color, it is not really. More of a semi-matte cum glossy finish which makes the lips look luscious and pumped up. 

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro # 401 Tibetan Orange 

Those were the good things about the Lip Maestro. Now let's come to the problems. This color transfers and smears like crazy! Even after wearing for more than an hour. I wore this shade and went out to meet my friends for coffee. The rim of the white cup was not a pretty sight believe me. Once you wear this shade, make sure not to let anything touch your lips. A lot of reviews have said that this range is extremely long lasting but on me, it does not go beyond 3-4 hours i.e if my lips have not touched anything. If I drink or eat, the color goes away lot sooner. 

If you ask me if I'll buy another Lip Maestro, my answer will be no. I hate lip colors that transfer and that just killed it for me. Agree that there are a lot of pros like the gorgeous color, texture, finish but I'll get the same qualities in other brands and ranges as well for a much lesser price ( yes, I mean you Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet range) At 32,50€, the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro just doesn't cut it for me.

Have you tried any of the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro shades? If not, would you buy any?

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