Friday, 5 September 2014

L’Oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation Sun Beige (328) - Review, Swatch

The L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation could not have launched at a better time. I was looking for an everyday wear foundation that would not cost a bomb and this one at Rs 899 seemed perfect. I had read rave reviews of this foundation from a lot of international bloggers so wanted to check it out for myself.

Get the ultimate un-makeup look with Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup with SPF 18. Revolutionary liquid transforms on contact, leaving a soft powder like finish. This foundation is so amazingly lightweight it’s like wearing no makeup at all! Just shake and apply – it’s magic! 

L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation Sun Beige 

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation is available in six shades and I picked up the shade Sun Beige which matched my skin tone. I think there are four light shades and two dark ones but that's really not enough to cover the entire spectrum of skin tones. The True Match foundation has a lot more shades.

Packaging - The bottle is actually quite tiny and is made of glass so you have to be careful while handling it. Also, there is no pump dispenser to regulate how much you want to pour so gotta be careful there as well. Since the foundation has a very watery texture, there is a risk of dispensing much more than you intended to.

Texture - The texture of the foundation is its USP. It is runny and watery when you apply it to your face but once you blend everything, it turns matte to a powder finish. I love how light the foundation feels on the skin and there is no need to apply powder to set it as well. L'Oreal does say that this foundation is best applied with fingers and I totally agree. A brush or a sponge will just absorb the runny liquid and will not give a very good finish. Just shake it well, pour a few drops on your fingers and apply to your face. If you have oily skin, you will love the texture but those with dry skin don't worry as it will work on you too. In winter you might need to moisturize before applying it but otherwise there is no need unless you have super dry skin. 

Coverage - Do not expect heavy duty coverage out of this foundation. It does not cover all the marks and blemishes but does give a smooth look. The foundation is buildable though but it still won't give you heavy coverage. For everyday wear it is quite nice. 

How Long Does it Last? - Not very long unfortunately. In this hot and humid weather, I get maximum three hours out of it. This is the biggest con of this foundation. 

Overall Thoughts - If you are looking for a matte finish light to medium coverage everyday wear foundation, the L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation can be a good choice. I'm glad L'Oreal kept the price reasonable and I think at Rs 899 it is decent value for money. Would have preferred more shade options though. 

I'm wearing two layers of the Foundation. Lipstick is Maybelline POW2. 

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