Monday, 8 September 2014

The Luxe Café - Website Review

The world of luxury goods and fine living is now just a click away thanks to, India’s very own b2c focused e-platform with curated content, dedicated to global luxury and fine living. The Luxe Café, aims to bring India’s growing numbers of brand-conscious buyers and luxury-enthusiasts in close touch with all that is happening. “Uniquely designed and featuring a selection of engaging, informative and exciting stories, reviews, experientials and tips, The Luxe Cafe` is more than just a website. It is your very own quick gateway to a world of luxurious, enriching, premium lifestyle”

The ezine is designed to function as your one stop shop for anything related to luxury. Want to get details of collections from famous designers, the latest cars, the latest food trends or what’s new in travel and lifestyle? Just go to The Luxe Café and you will get everything at one place and that is what I like best about the website. There is so much information available that you won’t really need to go anywhere else for your luxury fix.  I for one love browsing through fashion and lifestyle magazines and websites and I really like how The Luxe Café website has been conceptualized and designed. It is not flashy but looks classy and sophisticated. The pictures are amazing and so is the quality of the articles – fresh, interesting and easy to read. It features an extensive range of content from fashion, interiors, auto, real estate, travel, gastronomy, personas and ideas. And the website will appeal to everyone not just the high flyers or the business tycoons in cosmopolitan cities but to anyone who is attracted to living a luxurious life. It is for those who want to get first hand, authentic information and advice on premium brands, and also for those who do not have convenient access to such brands and information.

Personalities like HH Maharaja Gaj Singh, Rosita Missoni - founder of the Italian fashion house Missoni, Malav Shroff -boating tycoon, Dinaz Madhukar - President of DLF Emporio, Riccardo Bestetti – creator of bespoke Italian men’s shoes, are a few known names from among the selection of famous aesthetes joining in the cause of The Luxe Café to directly engage with the readers on how to make informed choices. Something very unique and very much welcome.

Join the luxury revolution. Walk into The Luxe Café. Grab a chair. And know how you too could be living a dream less ordinary.

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