Thursday, 25 September 2014

Axe Signature Collection for Men Suave Body Perfume - Review

I actually thought I would give this perfume to a friend of mine and write his review of it but then one whiff and I said "No way am I giving this away". So here I am sharing my thoughts on Suave, the new men's body perfume by Axe priced at a very reasonable Rs 225.

Axe Signature Collection for Men Suave Body Perfume

AXE celebrates the signature scent of a man with it’s first-ever collection of AXE Signature Body Perfumes. This definitive collection features four invigorating fragrances that bring alive the masculine scents with a blend of oriental spices and sweet woods, and are perfect for all occasions. 

Available in four zesty variants – Suave, Mysterious, Intense and Rogue, each of these definitive fragrances is a combination of sensual, warm and sophisticated aromas that you will love at first sniff and that will impeccably personify the true scent of a man. It provides its wearer a lively, spicy bouquet with stimulating notes that include green hazelnut, tonka, tahitian vanilla, mimosa flower, rosemary and lavender. It's an evocative but mature construction that's great for a broad variety of casual activities. With the new AXE Signature Body Perfumes, let your fragrance be your signature scent!

I know I know that this perfume is meant to be 'all male' and created to make a man irresistible but I've always loved men's perfume finding them to be more sensual and intense and that is why I am really liking Suave. Suave is supposed to be for the charming, confident and elegant man, his sophistication cuts through like a hot knife. It is a a classy fragrance with a body as aromatic as floral. It combines the attraction of the Mimosa flower together with cheeky herbaceous and spicy not. The dry out is surprisingly sensual, warm and persistent.

What I like best apart from the rich and spicy fragrance is the fact that this contains no gas. At first glance, you will think that it is a deodorant but it is actually a perfume in a deo packaging. The fragrance lasts for nearly 6-7 hours, is not very strong and because it has no gas will last for a long time.

If you want your man to smell all 'manly' and sensual, get Suave. Try it yourself too if you like intense fragrances. Think you will like it :)

P.S - PR Sample.

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