Thursday, 21 August 2014

Being a part of Max Trenday Celebrations on 15th August

Max, the leading value fashion brand and a big favorite of mine celebrated Trenday in their stores across Kolkata, Baroda, Chandigarh, Vizag, Indore and Coimbatore on 8th and 15th August. During those two days, the stores organised activities like providing nail art, tattoo art, caricature and style related tips to the shoppers and I was a part of the celebration at the MAX store in Diamond City Mall, Kolkata on 15th August. 

Max Trenday Celebration on 15 August at Diamond City Mall

Max had reached out to me asking if I would be interested to go the store on the 15th for a few hours and interact with the customers, help them choose outfits and provide style and fashion tips. Initially, I was apprehensive because this was something I've never done before but then I thought why not. It would be a completely new experience so I agreed and off I went to the store on the 15th. I was given a very warm welcome with flowers by the MAX staff specially Sounava who explained to me the concept of Trenday and how I should go about interacting with the customers. There were stalls set up for tattoos and nail art and also a selfie zone where customers where coming to take their selfies for a contest to win Max gift vouchers and hampers and a chance to walk the ramp at the Max Trenday Grand Finale.

The selfie zone

Being a holiday, the store was chock-a-block with shoppers and for me initially it was a bit awkward to get a conversation going and asking people if they needed any help. There were a few bored 'Thanks but no thanks' responses but after a while I started becoming more confident in my approach and I could see the difference. I started off by giving suggestions on what would look good on them then moved on to actually selecting clothes and accessories for them to wear. I spoke to teens, to moms looking to buy clothes for their daughters to confused grandparents looking to gift clothes to their grandchildren for Durga Puja. The satisfaction that I got when I saw people buying stuff that I suggested or liking what I told them was immense. I met so many people, got to know about their style preferences and even bits and pieces of their personal lives.  I'm so glad I took up this offer because for me the entire experience was wonderful. Thanks again Max for giving me this opportunity and to the wonderful staff at the Diamond City Mall store for their help and support. Hope you have many such events in future. 

Loved these canvas bags!

The Max Autumn '14 collection is now available in stores and below is some information on what you can look forward to in the collection. 

Max Autumn ’14 Collection details:
Currently in stores is the Autumn’14 collection with the Folklore range witnesses a fusion of culture and tradition through folkloric prints and patterns. Earthy accents in cross stitch embroideries and paisley motifs, create the Boho Autumn look. Printed leggings, border printed tops & placement graphics, merge historical techniques and aesthetics with a modern twist. A key ingredient in the season’s fashion delicacy is Monochromes. Luxurious soft, silky hands of polyester crepes & georgettes are worn over printed satin stretch pants for the solid or pattern clash look.

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