Saturday, 8 March 2014

My Wishlist

While browsing the net some days back, I came across this amazing website Shoplately, described as a fashion marketplace on the web. Shoplately sells trendy products from unique designers and provides merchants small and large a place to sell their goods and a place for shoppers to explore everything from clothing, to shoes, to accessories. Their mantra is to Shop now, shop often!

While browsing through the website, I was really impressed by the stuff that they have. From bags to shoes to clothes to hats and jewelry, Shoplately has them all. Each day, they organise sale events packed with limited-time offers and discounts as well as regular-priced items. And the unique thing is that you can not only buy from here but sell as well. You can create and manage your own store page where you can sell both full price and discounted items. You can run limited time sale events and track your orders, returns, inventory and shipping easily with the user-friendly Marketplace.

To give you a preview of what Shoplately offers, I've put together a wishlist of 5 items that I really liked. There are obviously much more that I did, but these would have to be my top 5. So here goes..

1. COB & PEN Genie's Tote Bag - There are 6 colors available in this design but I was instantly drawn to the royal blue one. So rich and love the gold and blue combo. 

2. Heart Soul Tito Sandal, Blue - This instantly reminded me of spring/summer. So pretty!

3. Cute Embroidered Dress - Precisely why I like it :) cute and so summery!

4. Rose Gold Sequin Top - I love anything that is rose gold and this top even has sequins in it. Love!

5. Starbucks Coffee Necklace - This has got to be the cutest necklace I've ever seen. Look at that detailing!

So these are some of the things that I really liked. Go ahead, explore Shoplately and I'm sure you will find loads of stuff that you would want to buy for yourselves. 

Do let me know what all you fancied.

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