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L'Oreal Paris Femina Women Awards 2014 - Vote For Your Favorite Nominee

For the last two years, L'Oreal Paris and Femina have been honoring women in various walks of life for their talent, commitment to society and ability to inspire and achieve. The third edition of the L'Oreal Paris Femina Women Awards was announced on 3rd March and this time the awards will be given across 14 categories, including science, business and entrepreneurship, sports, art and education among others.

For the 2014 awards, your opinion will also count and you can vote for the woman who inspires you in these categories either via your computer or your mobile phone.  

Favorite Face of a Cause - Nominees are:
  • Palak Muchchal - Palak, a singer, has paid for more than 600 heart surgeries of children and has raised Rs 3.15 crores for the cause through concerts and her career in playback.Palak, a singer, has paid for more than 600 heart surgeries of children and has raised Rs 3.15 crores for the cause through concerts and her career in playback.
  • Pooja Warier - She is the co-founder of UnLtd India, which supports social enterprises. She is also the creator of Bombay Connect, which brings together individuals who are passionate about social change.
  • Sminu Jindal - Sminu, who is wheelchair-bound, has taken up the cause of ensuring accessible and barrier-free public infrastructure for the ageing as well as the physically challenged. She is the MD of Jindal SAW Ltd.
  • Suzette Jordan - In an act of courage, Suette who survived a gang rape on Park Street, Kolkata came out in the public to talk about the incident. She now works with an NGO that supports rape survivors.
  • Mittal Patel - Mittal's NGO Vicharata Samudaay Samarthan Manch organises camps to get voter ID cards. She runs 26 schools in different districts where over 1,040 students have been admitted.
Science and Innovation - Nominees are :
  • Debadrita Mondal - She created the low cost health drink Homelicks, and was selected for this year's Innovation award by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).
  • Dr K Vijaya Lakshmi - Dr K Vijay Lakshmi invented the Jal- TARA portable testing kit that provides pure and filtered water without the use of any electricity.
  • Indrani Medhi Thies - Indrani has designed text-free interfaces that guide illiterate and semi-literate users through tasks such as electronic banking.
  • Namita Banka - Namita Banka is the incorporater of Bioloo - a bio waste technology to dispose human waste in low cost and low maintenance manner.
  • Upasana Makati - She started a publication called White Print for the visually impaired. The publication is India's only lifestyle monthly magazine in Braille.
Online Influencer - Nominees are:
  • Priyanka Bose - Priyanka's production company Paapi Pet Films produced the short film on child trafficking - 'Don't Look Away' that went viral on the internet.
  • Meena Kandaswamy - Feminist, poet, author Meena Kandaswamy has taken sensitive social debates online. Her poetry on topics like the caste system, violence against women and sexual oppression challenges convention.
  • Mehvish Mushtaq - Developed an android application called 'Dial Kashmir' for all essential services including healthcare, education and transport.
Social Impact - Nominees are:
  • Vrinda Grover - Vrinda Grover is a human rights lawyer and advocate for women's rights. She is the voice of reform in India's rape laws.
  • Kiran Bedi - Activist, author and speaker Kiran Bedi is India's first woman IPS Officer, a recipient of the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award, and founder of two NGOs. In recent years, she has been a tireless anti-corruption crusader.
  • Ruchira Gupta - Ruchira Gupta is the founder-president of Apne Aap, a grassroot-level organisation that works to protect the seven lakh women and children worldwide who are forced into sex trafficking.
  • Neidonuo Angami - Padmashree winner, Neidonuo co-founded the Naga Mothers Association in 1984 that works at conflict resolution in North East India. Among Neidonuo's many initiatives is the 'Shed No More Blood' campaign to promote peace.

You can cast your vote either via your computer or mobile phone.

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