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Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner 36 Hr Formula 01 Black - Review

Maybelline has launched another product and this time it is a newer and better version of the very popular and now discontinued, Lasting Drama Gel Liner 24 Hr formula. And what is the difference? Here goes:
  • This new improved formula has a staying power of 36 hours!!
  • It's an Oil-free formula that holds highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base
  • Is more intense and very black
  • Is waterproof and smudge proof
  • Has a creamy glide and a smoother texture

Now I must admit that I have not tried the 24h formula of the gel liner so I have nothing to compare this new one with. In fact, I have not really used a lot of gel liners. The only one I have is MAC's Blacktrack and even that I rarely bring out because I don't like the thick texture. And this area is where Maybelline's new Lasting Drama Gel Liner scores majorly. The texture is really smooth and creamy and I felt as if I'm just painting my lids with the brush. 


In terms of packaging, the liner comes in a little plastic tub and it's really tiny, the quantity much less than I expected. But then on the other hand, it will also finish up faster! The tub reminds me of the L'oreal infallible eyeshadow packaging. The tub looks round but once you open the lid, you can see the square shape. I also like the brush that comes with the liner. Its just not just a flimsy worthless thing thrown in but is of a decent size and quite sturdy. The bristles are quite soft and great for applying thin precise lines as well as thick ones. The brush also comes with a tiny cap so the hygiene part is dealt with as well.


The gel liner comes only in black and even though Maybelline claims the color to be richly pigmented, I actually did not see that much intensity on the first application. It might be because I don't scoop up a lot of product at the first go and much prefer layering the color to get the desired thickness. After about 3 swipes, the black however did get quite dark on the upper lids. I used it on my waterline as well but there, the pigmentation was not that intense. In fact, it was rather mild even after 3 swipes. The finish is matte and I like that .


I love how smooth and creamy it is and once applied, the liner dries very quickly and just does not budge. The texture is a lot creamier than Blacktrack and that is why application is so smooth and easy.

Staying Power

Kudos to Maybelline for creating a liner that stays for 36 hours but I wonder who is actually gonna test whether it really does last for 36h?? Well I'm sure not gonna roam around with eyeliner on for 3 days but yes, this thing does stay on for a really long time. I have got around 10 hrs out of it and I did not see any smudging or fading at the end of those 10 hrs. Its real test will be in summer but for now, I vouch for the long lasting claim. I easily remove the liner with my trusted eye makeup remover - Johnson's Baby Oil.

Took this picture about six hours after applying the liner

In a  nutshell, the pros and cons of the new Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner 36 Hr Formula 01 Black are:

  • Very creamy and smooth and makes application very easy
  • Very long lasting
  • The brush quality is good
  • Gives a matte finish
  • Pigmentation could have been a bit more intense
  • The quantity could have been more
I am loving the Maybelline Gel Liner because of its creamy texture and if you want to use a gel liner but have shied away from one thinking its just too much of a hassle, I would suggest you try this. It just glides on the lids and gives a nice matte finish. And of course, the liner will stay on for hours as well. All in all, a good, reliable, long lasting eye liner at an affordable price. I hope Maybelline comes out with more colors in the same formula.

The Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner 36 Hr Formula 01 Black is priced at Rs 450. To know more, click on this link

P.S - PR Sample. 100% honest review

Do you use gel liners? Which is your favorite? 
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