Friday, 4 October 2013

The Body Shop Mango Body Mist - Review

I am a huge fan of body mists and was really happy when last year The Body Shop launched a range of body mists in some lovely fragrances. I've already used up the Shea one and now have two more in my kitty - Mango and Strawberry. I've always been more of a vanilla and flowery scent lover and probably would have skipped these but my mum got them from Singapore and I'm so glad she did.

The Mango Body Mist smells fruity and mildly sweet. I did try the mango body butter sometime back and that definitely smelled a lot more like mangoes than the mist. The mist to me smells more of a mix of mango, something citrusy and maybe a little bit of vanilla. TBS says that the alcohol that goes into the mist is made from organic sugarcane so maybe that adds a bit of sweetness to the smell as well. Mango, Citrus, Vanilla, Sugarcane - sounds yummy right? It smells great too and what I love is that it has a very good balance of all the different fragrances. Nothing too sweet or overpowering but a lovely warm, mild and comforting smell.

The only problem with the Mango mist is that like most mists even though it smells great, does not last for too long. On me, it stays for around two hours and then I need to reapply. The glass bottle is a pain to take along while travelling though and it's better if you keep it at home. Don't want to end up with a shattered bottle!

I love the Mango mist for it's fresh, warm and subtle fruity scent and I've been wearing it everyday for the past two weeks. Try it out at a TBS store if you are looking for something mild. When I bought the Shea mist last year, it was Rs 645 but I think the price has increased now. Not sure but it's probably Rs 795.

What is your favorite TBS perfume?

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