Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tips on how to take care of a Make-up kit from Megha Puri, Make-up Artist

1) Wash your brushes- Brushes are prime breeding ground for bacteria. If you wash  your face regularly, makeup residue from applying makeup ends up on your brushes. You don’t need to wash them daily but once per week put all your brushes in a large jar or glass and fill it with water. Add 1 tsp. of baby shampoo, give it a good stir and let the brushes sit all day in the jar. Then rinse them off and dry them really well with a towel to make sure to get most of the water out. Leave them laying on a paper towel or napkin overnight to finish drying. This keeps your face from breaking out and keeps your makeup brushes lasting longer.

2) Wash your make up containers: Your makeup can flake off colored dust particles onto other products, creating a dirty look to your containers. Not only is this unsanitary but also messy. Once a month, wipe off all your makeup containers on the outside with a hot rag soaked in dish liquid or baby shampoo. Dry them off and they’re like new.

3) Replace mascara every 3 months: Mascara is one of the quickest products to dry out and it is one of the worst for breeding bacteria. Replace your mascara once every three months. Remember to stick with waterproof if you’re worried about smudges.

4) Update often: Go through your kit once every 6 months. Get rid of the stuff which needs to be changed or is not durable. Along with updating be sure you have colors that fit in with the season.

5) Keep them dry: Make sure you keep your make up kit dry. Moisture kills make up. Also keep them away from light and heat which can cause serious damage.
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