Monday, 9 September 2013

Lakme Absolute Royal Collection Shine Line Eyeliner Teal - Review, EOTD

Every year Lakme launches a winter makeup collection post Lakme Fashion Week and for 2013 it is the Absolute Royal Opulence Collection by the celebrated designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Inspired by royalty, the glamorous limited edition range consists of creme lip colors, nail colors and shine line eyeliners in pink, golden, olive, teal, blue, bronze and black. All the shine line eyeliner colors are really pretty but the two that stood out for me were teal and blue and I picked both. I'll talk about Teal in this post.

The packaging is the standard shine line eyeliner one with a very thin brush inside. The brush is great to get a very precise line and for a cat flick but my main problem with the brush is that it is too thin to catch a lot of product. It's so thin, you can't even make out the bristles.Once you start lining the eyes, less than half way you will find that the brush has lost color and you will have to go back and get some more. I like the line on my lids to be slightly thick so you can imagine how many times I had to dip the brush in the tube to get the desired color and thickness. 

The formula of the liner feels very thin and watery but it is thankfully not the same on the lids. It dries up pretty fast and the staying power is good too. I get around 8-9 hours out of this without smudging and the shimmer landing all over the face. 

Teal is a gorgeous bluish green with more of blue in it and shimmer. Definitely a striking color which will go very well specially with fair to medium skin tones. I love the color and pigmentation and have no complains. What I will complain about is the actual finish of this liner. I hate how it looks after application! Once the liner dries, it starts to crack on the lids and it looks like I've got wrinkles. I like the 'crackle' effect only on my nails so this is the area where Teal fails miserably for me.

I kinda feel bad for Teal though. It had so much promise - a gorgeous color, good pigmentation, excellent staying power, reasonable price but the area where it's performance should have mattered the most, its a 'royal' failure. I have not tried the Blue one yet and I really hope it does not turn out to be the same as Teal.

Shall I recommend this? No. But if you really like the color and the other pros, check it and test for yourself before spending Rs 290. 

Have you tried anything from the Lakme Absolute Royal Collection?

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