Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sephora Crayon Jumbo Liner 12 Hr wear Waterproof Pencil Green - Review, Swatch

My mum returned from Singapore last week and she got me a lot of stuff and I really mean it when I say lot! Will post a haul post soon but those who are on my Fb page, must have seen the preview already. Btw, if you have not liked my Fb page, you should totally do so. I try and post a lot of interesting (hopefully?) stuff out there :D. Anyway so coming back to today's post, its gonna be quite short, sweet and to the point. I'm writing about a shade in a range of eye pencil that is my all time favorite and its the Sephora Crayon Jumbo Liner 12 Hr Wear Waterproof pencil in shade Green. Pheww that's a long name!

The shade Green is a lovely emerald that looks gorgeous on the eyes both as a liner and an eye shadow. Sephora claims that they are resistant to water, heat, humidity and last for 12 hrs and I totally agree! The shade Green my mum got for me from Singapore but I'm sure you will get the color at the New Delhi Sephora store as well. I now have three of these amazing pencils in Black, Green and Purple and I'm aiming to buy all 14 colors if I manage to get my hands on them. To see the review and swatches of Black and Purple, click here.  

In India, I bought these for Rs 680 in April and hopefully the price is still the same despite the terrible performance of the Rupee against the Dollar. If you happen to visit a Sephora store, please do check out these pencils. They have great color payoff, are incredibly pigmented, the formula is wonderfully soft and creamy, safe to be used on the waterline and easily lasts for nearly 10-12 hrs without smudging. On the flipside, they are expensive, need to be sharpened which means waste of product and the fact that you can't really get a thin, precise line because of the size. I can overlook these cons simply because of the quality. 

If you love green on your eyes, then do check out the Sephora Crayon Jumbo Liner in Green. The other shades are pretty awesome too!

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