Friday, 23 August 2013

Recent Buys - Elizabeth Arden, Yves Rocher and Freebies!

I know I know! About two weeks back when I was sharing with you back to back haul posts, I did say that I should not touch any beauty related product for the next 3 months. And now I'm again back with a mini haul post!! What will happen to me Dear God!!

These buys were absolutely not planned. I actually went to watch Chennai Express with my friends Poorna and Shikha and to pass time before the movie, was checking out the counters at Shoppers Stop. While I was going past the Elizabeth Arden counter, the very sweet SA told me that a clearance sale was on for their makeup and skincare range. Immediately I went to check the lipsticks but did not find anything interesting. I was about to walk away when on an impulse asked whats on offer for perfumes. She showed me a large animal print tote bag but that looked pretty bad. I said 'Girl, you give me something else then I might consider buying the new Green Tea Honeysuckle perfume'. She hemmed and hawed and then said 'Ok. I give you two options. Either a makeup palette or 14 ceramide capsules. Pick whatever you want'. I hemmed and hawed too and went in for the palette which is lovely. It's got a blush, two eye shadows and two lipsticks. The shades are great for everyday wear and I love them. The Green Tea perfume cost me Rs 1950 and the palette I'm sure is at least for 1000 so I got a pretty good deal. Thank you so much sweet SA!! I shall always buy Elizabeth Arden from you :D. Not sure if the offer is available in other cities but if you are buying perfume, always ask for freebies. They do have stuff to give but don't unless asked. 

So I bought my perfume, got the free makeup palette and happily went off to watch Chennai Express which I loved btw. After the movie got over, Shikha said she wanted to go to Shopper's Stop again to check out the Yves Rocher counter and I tagged along. I was really not planning to buy anything but then Shikha swatched all these wonderful lipsticks and cream eye shadows and I succumbed. Picked up a lovely fuchsia-purple gloss and a very unique metallic greyish bronze green cream shadow. For all of you who are not aware, Yves Rocher is a French skincare and makeup brand that make some really good products. Their lipsticks and eye shadows are in such gorgeous shades. Think they are only in Bangalore and Kolkata right now but I might be wrong. Do check out their counter if there is one in your city. And they give freebies too!! I got a mini shower gel, loofah and samples of serum and moisturiser. Don't you just love it when SA's give freebies?? 

Here are the swatches. Both cost Rs 850. 

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